Accounting Terms: P

Accounting Terms: P

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Accounting Terms: P

Packing List

Packing Slip

Paid-in Capital

Paid-in Surplus

Paper Profit

Paperless Accounting

Paperless Audit

Par Bond

Par Value

Parent Company

Partial Income Statement

Participating Preferred Stock

Participative Budgeting



Partnership Accounting

Partnership Advantages and Disadvantages

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Capital Account

Partnership Taxation

Pass-Through Contribution

Past Cost

Past Service Cost

Pay Period


Payables Clerk Job Description

Payback Method

Payback Period

Payback Period, Advantages Of

Payback Period, How to Calculate

Payback Reciprocal





Payment Bond

Payment Factory

Payment in Arrears

Payment on Account

Payout Ratio


Payroll Accounting

Payroll Cards

Payroll Clerk

Payroll Controls

Payroll Costs

Payroll Cycle

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Entries

Payroll Expense

Payroll Internal Controls

Payroll Journal

Payroll Journal Entries

Payroll Metrics

Payroll Procedure

Payroll Records

Payroll Register

Payroll Taxes

Payroll Taxes Payable

Payroll Taxes, Appearance in Financial Statements

Payroll Withholdings

Peak in the Business Cycle

Penetration Pricing

Penetration Strategy

Pension Benefit Obligation

Pension Expense

Pension Fund

Pension Payable

Pension Plan

Per Annum

Per Diem

Percent Variance

Percentage of Completion Method

Percentage of Receivables Method

Percentage of Sales Method

Perfect Market

Performance Appraisal Methods

Performance Audit

Performance Budget

Performance Condition

Performance Evaluation

Performance Materiality

Performance Measurement

Performance Report

Period Cost

Period Order Quantity

Periodic FIFO

Periodic Inventory System

Periodicity Assumption

Permanent Accounts

Permanent Differences

Permanent Endowment

Permanent File

Perpetual Budget

Perpetual FIFO

Perpetual Inventory Method

Perpetual Inventory System

Perpetual LIFO vs. Periodic LIFO

PERT Chart

Pessimistic Time

Petty Cash

Petty Cash Accounting

Petty Cash Book

Petty Cash Box

Petty Cash Controls

Petty Cash Fund

Petty Cash Journal

Petty Cash Procedure

Petty Cash Receipt

Petty Cash Replenishment

Petty Cash System

Petty Cash Voucher

Phantom Profits

Physical Count

Physical Inventory

Physical Life

Physical Sweeping

Picking Ticket

Piece Rate Pay Calculation

Piecemeal Opinion


Piggyback Registration

Plan Curtailment

Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

Planned Detection Risk

Planned Scope and Timing of an Engagement


Planning Activities

Plant Assets

Plant Ledger

Plantwide Overhead Rate

Pledged Asset

Plowback Ratio

Pocket Price

Poison Pill

Policy Constraint

Ponzi Scheme

Pool Rate

Positive Confirmation

Positive Leverage

Positive Pay

Post Audit

Post Balance Sheet Events

Post-Closing Trial Balance

Post Date

Post-Dated Check

Post-Money Valuation

Post-Retirement Benefits

Posting in Accounting

Postponable Cost

Practical Capacity

Practice Continuation Agreement


Preconditions of an Audit

Predatory Pricing

Predecessor Auditor

Predetermined Overhead Rate

Preemptive Right

Preference Shares, Types Of

Preferential Transfer

Preferred Creditor

Preferred Stock

Preferred Stock Accounting

Preliminary Audit

Premium on Bonds Payable

Premium on Common Stock

Premium Pricing

Prepaid Advertising

Prepaid Asset

Prepaid Dues

Prepaid Expense

Prepaid Expenses Accounting

Prepaid Expenses Procedure

Prepaid Income

Prepaid Insurance

Prepaid Rent Accounting

Present Fairly

Present Value

Present Value Factor

Present Value of 1 Table

Present Value of a Bond

Present Value of a Future Amount

Present Value of an Annuity

Present Value of Annuity Due

Present Value of Annuity Formula

Present Value of Ordinary Annuity

Present Value of Perpetuity

Presentation Float

Prestige Pricing

Preventive Controls

Preventive Costs

Price Ceiling

Price Discrimination

Price-Earnings Multiple

Price-Earnings Ratio

Price Efficiency

Price Elasticity of Demand Formula

Price Leadership

Price Point

Price Setter

Price Skimming

Price Taker

Price-to-Book Ratio

Price-to-Cash-Flow Ratio

Price-to-Sales Ratio

Price Variance

Price War

Pricing Strategies

Primary Cost Pool

Prime Costs

Prime Rate


Principal Market

Prior Period Adjustment

Prior Period Error

Prior Service Cost

Priority Claim

Private Equity

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Private Investment in Public Equity

Private Placement

Private Sector

Privileged Communication

Pro Forma

Pro Forma Cash Flow

Pro Forma Earnings

Pro Forma Financial Statements

Pro Rata

Probable Reserves




Process Centering

Process Costing

Process Costing System

Process Value Analysis

Processing Float

Processing Payables Discounts


Producer Price Index

Producer’s Risk

Product Cost

Product Costing Methods

Product Diversification

Product Family

Product Financing Arrangements

Product Level Activity

Product Line

Product Mix

Product Portfolio

Product Warranty Cost

Production Animals

Production Budget

Production Controls

Production Costs

Production Cycle

Production Department

Production Order

Production Payment Interest

Production Service Department

Production Volume Variance


Professional Ethics


Profit After-Tax

Profit Analysis

Profit and Loss Statement

Profit Center

Profit Formula

Profit Margin

Profit Margin vs. Operating Margin

Profit Maximization

Profit Maximization vs. Wealth Maximization

Profit Planning

Profit Ratio

Profit Squeeze

Profit Taking

Profit Variances

Profit Velocity

Profit Volume Chart


Profitability Index

Profitability Ratios

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

Program Expenses

Program Services

Progress Billing

Project Accountant Job Description

Project Slack

Projected Benefit Obligation

Projected Financial Statements

Promise to Give

Promise to Pay Agreement

Promissory Note

Promotion Expense

Proof of Cash

Property Dividend

Property, Plant, and Equipment

Proprietary Fund

Proprietary Ratio


Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Payroll

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

Prospective Application


Proved Reserves


Provision for Doubtful Debts

Provision for Income Taxes

Proxy Solicitations

Proxy Statement

Prudence Concept

Psychological Pricing

Public Accounting

Public Company

Public Shell Company

Publicly Held

Pull-Through Rate

Pull-Through Production


Purchase Accounting Adjustment

Purchase Allowance

Purchase Commitments

Purchase Discount

Purchase Discounts Lost

Purchase Discounts Taken

Purchase Ledger

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Controls

Purchase Price Variance

Purchase Requisition

Purchase Returns

Purchase Returns and Allowances

Purchases Account

Purchases Budget

Purchases Day Book

Purchases Journal


Purchasing Lead Time

Purchasing System

Purpose of a Trial Balance

Purpose of Accounting

Purpose of an Audit

Purpose of Depreciation

Purpose of Financial Statements

Purpose of Statement of Cash Flows

Purpose of the Balance Sheet

Purpose of the Income Statement

Pushdown Accounting

Put Option

Pyramid Scheme

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