The Study Approach for Busy CPA Candidates

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3 months to fail one section, then 3 months to pass all 4...

The CPA exams are just as much about your strategy as they are about learning the material...

I studied the "normal way" for my first section... for 3 months... and failed it.

Then, because I was now working full-time, I followed some of my own ideas for studying, and I ended up passing all 4 within the next 3 months.

This guide is meant for busy CPA candidates that don't have 4-5 hours of dedicated study time each day, but that need to pass as fast as possible.

You'll Also Get A Preview of the SuperfastCPA Review Notes & Audio Notes

  • Review Notes

    Our notes were written based on exam questions, instead of just bullet-point summaries of entire chapters. That way, you can be assured you’re always reviewing things that are most likely to show up on the exams. You’ll get access to full chapters from all 4 sections

  • Audio Notes

    Our audio notes, like the written notes, are based primarily on exam questions. They are meant for repeat listening; in just 3-4 days of regular commuting you can get through an entire section. Doing this multiple times while studying for a section reinforces what you’re studying and burns rules and concepts into your long-term memory. You’ll get access to full excepts from all 4 sections

A word from Nate...

"The CPA exams turn can turn into an absolute nightmare for some people and eat up a year or more of your life. I was lucky enough to figure out a better way of doing them in just a few months, while working full-time, and I want to share some of my best adviceĀ in these free guides.

It doesn't matter what review course you're using, or what your work & life situation is - I can help you save time and pass faster.