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This first episode of the podcast gives you my full CPA story… specifically, the changes I made after failing my first section when I was studying 6-7 hours a day, to going 4/4 in a 3 month period while only studying 2 hours a day on average with my review course.

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My name is Nate, I’m a Utah CPA and the founder of SuperfastCPA. I also contribute to articles on tax and personal finance tips for sites such asĀ Forbes.com,Ā Porch.com,Ā Spectrum.com, among others.

If you’d like to hear the “full version” of my CPA story, then listen to the podcast episode down below.

The short version, is that I studied really hard for my first attempt at FAR, failed it, and by then had started my new full-time job in public accounting.

Out of necessity because I now had very limited study time, I drastically changed my study approach, and after making these changes I passed all 4 CPA exams in one 3 month period, with two of them taken 4 days apart.

I don’t normally brag but… you will not find better advice on “how to study” anywhere else, and these same strategies can help you dramatically speed up your CPA process. These strategies and our study approach is meant for busy CPA candidates who have limited study time each day, but still want to pass their CPA exams.

Since then we’ve refined those study strategiesĀ into a study approach that you can learn hereĀ – no matter what review course you’re using – and it will help you make the daily study process much more simple, and much more effective… and will help you shave months off the time it takes you to pass your CPA exams, like it has for thousands of other CPA candidates.

We’ve also created our study tools: the SuperfastCPA review notes, audio notes, and mini-quizzes based on that study approach, so that you can have highly-effective mobile study tools to use all through your day so that you can rack up extra study time as you go through your normal day.

Resources I Recommend

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Choosing a review course?

Ignore all the “rankings” websites. Choose a package that offers unlimited access (just in case), and then get a free trial of each one and spend a few hours with each interface to see which one YOU like the best: