Accounting Terms: I

Accounting Terms: I

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Accounting Terms: I

Ideal Capacity

Identifiable Asset

Idle Capacity

Idle Capacity Variance

Idle Time


Illusory Profits

Impact of Expenses on the Balance Sheet

Impaired Asset

Impaired Capital


Impairment Loss

Impairment of Long-Lived Assets

Imperfect Market

Implicit Cost

Implicit Interest Rate

Implicit Service Period

Implied Interest Rate

Imprest Amount

Imprest Balance

Imprest Fund

Imprest System

Imputed Cost

Imputed Interest

Imputed Interest Expense

Imputed Interest Rate

In Kind

In Transit

Inactive Employee

Incentive Wage Plan

Incidental Expenses

Incidental Operations

Income Beneficiary

Income Bond

Income Exclusion Rule

Income From Operations

Income Smoothing

Income Splitting

Income Statement

Income Statement Accounts

Income Statement Analysis

Income Statement Template

Income Summary Account

Income Tax

Income Tax Expense

Income Tax Payable

Income Taxes, Accounting For

Incomplete Records


Incremental Analysis

Incremental Budgeting

Incremental Cash Flow

Incremental Cost

Incremental Cost of Capital

Incremental Internal Rate of Return

Incremental Revenue

Incremental Tax

Incurred Cost

Incurred Losses

Independence in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct

Independent Demand

Indirect Costs

Indirect Expenses

Indirect Factory Costs

Indirect Financial Interest

Indirect Labor

Indirect Liability

Indirect Manufacturing Costs

Indirect Materials

Indirect Overhead

Industry Factors Impact on Entities

Industry Practices


Inflation Accounting

Information Return

Inherent Risk

Initial Franchise Fee

Initial Public Offering

Input Cost

Input Tax

Inside Director


Insider Securities Reporting

Instability Index of Earnings

Installment Method

Installment Sale

Institutional Investor Relations


Insurance Claims Administration

Insurance Expense

Insurance Policy

Insurance Premium

Insurance Proceeds, Accounting For

Insurance Rider


Intangible Asset Impairment Testing

Intangible Asset Valuation

Intangible Assets

Intangible Assets Accounting

Intangible Assets on the Balance Sheet

Intangibles Amortization

Integrated Audit

Integration Manager

Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Valuation

Intercompany Accounting

Intercompany Eliminations

Intercompany Loans

Intercompany Netting


Interest-Bearing Note

Interest Coverage Ratio

Interest Earned

Interest Expense

Interest Income

Interest Payable

Interest Rate

Interest Rate Futures

Interest Rate Risk

Interest Rate Swap

Interest Receivable

Interest Revenue

Intergovernmental Revenue

Interim Audit

Interim Dividend

Interim Financial Statements

Interim Period

Interim Reporting

Internal Audit

Internal Auditor Job Description

Internal Check

Internal Control

Internal Control Checklist

Internal Controls

Internal Controls: Approvals

Internal Controls: Authorizations

Internal Controls: Conclusions

Internal Controls: Limitations

Internal Controls: Logical Controls

Internal Controls: Physical Controls

Internal Controls: Reconciliations

Internal Controls: Segregation of Duties

Internal Controls: Significant Business Processes

Internal Controls: Verifications

Internal Document

Internal Failure Costs

Internal Rate of Return

Internal Rate of Return, How to Calculate

Internal Reporting

Internal Revenue Code

Internal Service Fund

Internal Users of Accounting Information

International Accounting Standards

Interperiod Tax Allocation

Intraperiod Tax Allocation

Intrinsic Reward

Intrinsic Value

Inventoriable Costs


Inventory accounting, GAAP vs. IFRS

Inventory Accuracy Formula

Inventory Analysis

Inventory Audit Procedures

Inventory Carrying Cost

Inventory Change

Inventory Conformity Rule

Inventory Control

Inventory Controls

Inventory Conversion Period

Inventory Cost

Inventory Cost Flow Assumption

Inventory Count Procedure

Inventory Cutoff, How to Ensure

Inventory Ledger

Inventory Observation

Inventory Picking Procedure

Inventory Profit

Inventory Reserve

Inventory Risk Pooling

Inventory Self-Auditing

Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory Storage Cost

Inventory Turnover

Inventory Turnover Formula

Inventory Turnover Period

Inventory Valuation

Inventory Variances

Inventory Velocity

Invested Capital


Investment Accounting

Investment Advisor Job Description

Investment Analysis

Investment Banker Job Description

Investment Bankers

Investment Center

Investment Property

Investment Revenues

Investment Securities

Investment Strategies

Investment Turnover Ratio


Investor Relations

Investor Relations Officer


Invoice Approval Process

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Payment Terms

Invoice Structure

Involuntary Conversion

Irrelevant Costs

Is Accounts Receivable an Asset or Revenue

Is Accumulated Depreciation an Asset or Liability

Is Advertising an Expense or an Asset

Is Cost of Goods Sold an Expense

Is Depreciation a Direct Cost or Indirect Cost

Is Depreciation a Fixed Cost or Variable Cost

Is Depreciation a Source of Funds

Is Depreciation an Operating Expense

Is Equipment a Current Asset

Is Land a Current Asset

Is Sales Tax an Expense or a Liability

Is Standard Costing Allowable in GAAP and IFRS

Issuance Costs

Issue Price of a Bond

Issued Shares

Issued Stock


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