What is an Internal Document?

Internal Document

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Internal Document

An internal document refers to any piece of information, usually in written form, that is created within an organization and meant for internal use only. These documents serve to communicate and record information, decisions, procedures, or policies among employees, departments, or teams within the company. They are not intended for public viewing or distribution outside the organization.

Examples of internal documents can include:

  • Meeting Minutes: These summarize what was discussed and decided during a meeting, including actions to be taken and by whom.
  • Internal Memos: These are messages sent within an organization to communicate information such as policy changes, updates, reminders, or instructions.
  • Training Manuals: These provide instructions or guidelines to help employees understand how to perform their jobs or use certain equipment or software.
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals: These documents outline the company’s standard operating procedures, policies, and guidelines.
  • Project Plans: These detail the objectives, timeline, tasks, resources, and responsibilities associated with a particular project.
  • Financial Reports: These include internal budgets, financial statements, or other reports used for management’s review and decision-making.
  • Employee Performance Reviews: These are evaluations of an employee’s job performance, often used to determine promotions, raises, or areas for improvement.
  • Emails: Interoffice emails can also be considered internal documents as long as they are used for internal communication.

It’s important to note that while these documents are intended for internal use, they should still be handled professionally and securely. They often contain sensitive information that could harm the company if leaked or misused. Additionally, in certain circumstances, internal documents may be subject to legal review or disclosure, such as during an audit or lawsuit.

Example of an Internal Document

Let’s consider an example of an internal document: a hypothetical internal memo within a company.

Subject: Implementation of New Time-Tracking Software

Date: July 6, 2023

To: All Employees

From: Jane Smith, Human Resources Manager

Dear Team,

We are excited to announce the implementation of a new time-tracking software, “TimeMaster,” which will go live starting from the next pay period (July 16, 2023).


The purpose of this change is to streamline our process for tracking hours, leave, and overtime. This new system will provide more accurate and real-time insights into our work schedules and help improve project planning and resource allocation.


To ensure a smooth transition, we will conduct a mandatory training session on July 11, 2023. We have scheduled multiple sessions throughout the day to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Please register for a session via the link shared in a separate email.

Login Information:

Your login credentials will be sent to you via email before the training session. Please ensure that you can successfully log in before your training session. Contact the IT department for any login issues.

Your Action:

Please ensure to log your time worked, leave, and overtime in TimeMaster starting from July 16. We will discontinue the use of the old time-tracking system from this date.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Human Resources or IT department if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jane Smith Human Resources Manager

This internal memo is an example of an internal document. It’s used to communicate important information about a new time-tracking software implementation to all employees within the organization.

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