Accounting Terms: T

Accounting Terms: T

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Accounting Terms: T

T Account


Taking Inventory

Tangible Asset

Target Company

Target Costing

Target Income

Target Income Sales

Target Pricing

Target Profit

Tax Accountant Job Description

Tax Accounting

Tax Benefit Rule

Tax Deductible

Tax Deduction

Tax Depreciation

Tax Election

Tax Evasion

Tax Exempt

Tax Fraud

Tax-Free Acquisition

Tax-Free Exchange

Tax Impact of Accelerated Depreciation

Tax Loss

Tax Planning

Tax Position

Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax Return

Tax Return Position

Tax Shelter

Tax Shield

Taxable Income

Taxable Profit

Taxation Principles

Taxes Payable

Technical Accounting

Technology Impact on Entities

Telephone Expense

Temporarily Restricted Net Assets

Temporary Account

Temporary Difference

Temporary Investments

Temporary Restriction

Tenant Improvement Allowance Accounting

Tender Offer

Term Bond

Term Insurance

Term Loan

Termination Benefits

Testamentary Trust


Tests of Controls

Tests of Details

Theoretical Capacity

Theory of Constraints

Thin Market

Those Charged with Governance

Threat of Substitutes

Three-Digit Chart of Accounts

Three-Way Matching

Trough in the Business Cycle


Throughput Analysis

Throughput Capital Budgeting

Throughput Price Setting

Tick Marks

Tier 1 Capital Ratio

Time-Adjusted Rate of Return

Time and Materials Pricing

Time and Motion Study

Time-Based Management

Time Blocking

Time Card

Time Draft

Time Period Principle

Time Sheet

Time Ticket

Time to Market

Time Value of Money Concept

Time Variance

Timeliness of Accounting Information

Times Interest Earned

Timing Differences

Timing Risk

Tolerable Deviation Rate

Tolerable Misstatement

Tone at the Top

Top-Down Approach to Auditing

Top-Down Estimating

Top Line

Total Asset Turnover Ratio

Total Assets

Total Cost

Total Cost Formula

Total Current Assets

Total Equity Calculation

Total Fixed Cost Formula

Total Labor Cost

Total Manufacturing Cost

Total Project Approach

Total Quality Control

Total Quality Management

Total Shareholder Return

Total Variable Cost

Traceable Costs


Trade Credit

Trade Creditor

Trade Discount

Trade Payable

Trade Receivables

Trading Account

Trading on Equity

Trading Profit

Trading Securities

Traditional Costing

Traditional Income Statement


Transaction Approach

Transaction Error Rate

Transaction Exchange Gain or Loss

Transaction Exposure

Transaction Risk

Transfer Agent

Transfer Price

Transfer Pricing

Transferred-in Cost

Translation Adjustments

Translation Exposure

Translation Risk

Transparent Market



Transposition Error

Travel and Expense Policy Best Practices

Traveling Auditor

Treasurer Job Description

Treasury Bill

Treasury Bond

Treasury Certificate

Treasury Controls

Treasury Functions

Treasury Note

Treasury Stock

Treasury Stock Accounting

Treasury Stock Method

Treasury Stock on Balance Sheet

Treasury Warrant

Treasury Workstations

Trend Analysis

Trend Line

Trial Balance

Trial Balance Errors

Trial Balance Worksheet

Triangular Merger

Triple Bottom Line

Triple Net Lease

Troubled Debt Restructuring

Troubled Debt Restructuring: Accounting For

Trust Fund

Trust Receipt


Turnaround Document


Turnover Ratios

Two-Bin Inventory Control

Two-Tier Tender Offer

Types of Accounting

Types of Accounting Functions

Types of Accounting Software

Types of Adjusting Entries

Types of Assets

Types of Audits

Types of Bonds

Types of Budgeting Models

Types of Business Entities

Types of Capacity

Types of Constraints

Types of Construction Contracts

Types of Discounts

Types of Dividends

Types of Equity

Types of Financial Analysis

Types of Financial Statements

Types of Income Statements

Types of Insurance Companies

Types of Inventory Errors

Types of Leadership Styles

Types of Mergers

Types of Payroll Fraud

Types of Preference Shares

Types of Share Capital

Types of Transaction Cycles in Accounting

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