Accounting Terms: W

Accounting Terms: W

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Accounting Terms: W

Wage Accrual

Wages Expense

Wages Payable

Walk-Through Test

Warehouse Receipt



Warranty Accounting

Warranty Expense

Warranty Liability

Wash Sale Rule

Waste Rock

Wasting Asset

Watered Stock

Wealth Maximization

Wear and Tear

Weighted Average Contribution Margin

Weighted Average Cost Flow Assumption

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Weighted Average Interest Rate

Weighted Average Method

Weighted Average of Shares Outstanding

Weighted Cost Driver

What Does a CPA Do?

What is Materiality in Accounting Information?

What is the Abbreviation for Debit and Credit?

What is the Entry When a Contract Is Signed?

What is an Accounting Error Material?

When Are Dividends Paid?

When are Expenses Incurred?

When are Revenues Earned?

When Can Bad Debt Expense Be Negative?

When Does Inventory Ownership Occur Under Fob Terms?

When to Capitalize Interest Cost?

When to Derecognize an Asset?

When to Eliminate Accumulated Depreciation?

When to Offer Early Payment Discounts?

When to Put Parentheses Around a Number?

When to Recognize Revenue?

When to Stop Assigning Costs to a Fixed Asset?

When to Update Standard Costs?

When to Use a Rolling Forecast?

Where Do Accruals Appear on the Balance Sheet?

Where Does an Equipment Purchase Appear on the Income Statement?

Where are Sales Commissions Reported on the Income Statement?

Where are Current Assets Located on the Balance Sheet?

Where Do Accruals Appear on the Balance Sheet?

Where Do Dividends Appear in the Financial Statements?

Where Do Payroll Taxes Appear in the Financial Statements?

Where Does Petty Cash Appear on the Balance Sheet?

Which Assets are Not Depreciated?

Which Costs to Assign to a Fixed Asset?

White Collar Crime

White Collar Worker

Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Why are Accruals Needed Every Month?

Why are Revenues Credited?

Why are Sales a Credit?

Why Buy Bonds at a Premium?

Why Do Companies Issue Bonds?

Why Does Accumulated Depreciation Have a Credit Balance on the Balance Sheet?

Why is Land Not Depreciated?

Why Shares Are Issued at a Premium?

Window Dressing


Withdrawals by Owner


Work Cell

Work in Process Accounting

Work in Process Inventory

Work in Progress

Work Measurement

Work Package

Work Papers

Work Ticket

Work Week

Workers Compensation Insurance Payable

Working Capital

Working Capital Analysis

Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Management

Working Capital Policies

Working Capital Productivity

Working Capital Ratio

Working Capital Turnover Ratio

Working From Home, Pros and Cons

Working Interest

Working off the Books

Working Ratio

Working Trial Balance

Workout Arrangement

Worthless Securities

Wrap Report

Writ of Execution

Write Down


Write-up Work

Written Representations

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