What is a Work Package?

Work Package

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Work Package

A Work Package is a component of a project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that represents a subset of the project’s scope of work. It is a defined portion of the project that can be assigned to a specific team or individual for execution. Work Packages are used to break down the project into smaller, more manageable pieces, making it easier to monitor and control project activities.

Characteristics of a Work Package:

  • Clearly Defined Scope: The work to be done is clearly described, usually with detailed specifications.
  • Time-bound: Each Work Package has a definite start and end date.
  • Resource Allocation: Resources like labor, materials, and costs are explicitly defined and allocated.
  • Deliverable-Oriented: The focus is on creating a specific output, which could be a product, service, or a set of activities leading to a specific milestone.
  • Accountability: A single person, often called the Work Package owner or manager, is responsible for the completion of the Work Package.
  • Measurable: The outputs and activities are quantifiable, providing a means for performance measurement.

Example of a Work Package

Let’s explore a different context entirely, such as organizing a large corporate event.

Project: Annual Corporate Retreat

Work Package: Venue Selection and Setup


The aim of this Work Package is to identify, select, and prepare the venue for the annual corporate retreat. This package is part of the larger project of organizing the entire retreat, including activities, logistics, and guest management.


  • Researching potential venues
  • Site visits for shortlisted venues
  • Finalizing venue and negotiating contract
  • Coordinating with the venue for event setup (audio-visual, seating, catering stations, etc.)

Time Frame

  • Start Date: January 1
  • End Date: February 15
  • Total Duration: 6 weeks


  • Human Resources: One project manager and two event coordinators
  • Technological Resources: Spreadsheet software for data analysis, virtual meetings for initial venue discussions
  • Financial Budget: $50,000


  • List of researched venues with pros and cons
  • Comparative analysis of top 3 venues
  • Signed contract with the chosen venue
  • Floor plan and event setup confirmed
  • Final walkthrough with venue staff one week before the event

Accountable Person

Alex, the Event Project Manager, will be accountable for the delivery of this Work Package.

Measurement Criteri

  • All potential venues must be researched and a shortlist provided by the end of week 1.
  • Site visits must be completed by the end of week 3.
  • Contract with the venue must be finalized by the end of week 4.
  • All event setup details must be confirmed by the end of week 6.

By breaking down the large task of organizing an annual corporate retreat into smaller Work Packages like “Venue Selection and Setup,” project managers can more easily allocate resources, define accountability, and set specific deliverables. This allows for greater control and monitoring of each aspect of the project, making the entire endeavor more manageable and efficient.

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