Accounting Terms: O

Accounting Terms: O

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Accounting Terms: O

Objectives of Financial Reporting

Objectivity in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct

Objectivity Principle


Observable Inputs


Obsolete Inventory

Obsolete Inventory Accounting

Obsolete Inventory Identification

Obsolete Inventory Percentage

Odd Lot

Off-Balance Sheet

Off-Balance Sheet Liability

Off the Books

Offering Costs

Office Equipment

Office Equipment Expense

Office Supplies Expense

Offset Account

Offset Mortgage

Offsetting Error


Omitted Dividend

Onerous Contract

Online Credit Application

Online Processing

Opaque Pricing

Open Account

Open Shop

Opening Balance Equity

Opening Balance Sheet

Opening Entry

Operating Activities

Operating Assets

Operating Assets Ratio

Operating Budget

Operating Cash Flow

Operating Cash Flow Ratio

Operating Current Assets

Operating Cycle

Operating Decisions

Operating Earnings

Operating Expense

Operating Expense Ratio

Operating Income

Operating Lease

Operating Lease Accounting

Operating Leverage

Operating Loss

Operating Margin

Operating Margin Ratio

Operating Performance Ratios

Operating Profit

Operating Profit Margin

Operating Ratio

Operating Ratios

Operating Revenue

Operating Risk

Operating Segment

Operation Costing

Operational Audit

Operations Strategy

Opinion Shopping

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost of Capital

Opportunity Cost of Operations

Optimal Capital Structure

Optimal Price

Optimistic Time


Option Backdating

Order Entry

Order Entry Controls for an Automated System

Order Entry Controls for a Manual System

Order of Liquidity

Ordering Costs

Orderly Transaction

Ordinary Annuity

Ordinary Income

Ordinary Repairs

Ordinary Stock

Organic Growth

Organic Organizational Structure

Organization Sustaining Activities

Organizational Costs

Organizational Structure

Original Cost

Original Issue Discount

Other Assets

Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting

Other Comprehensive Income

Other Current Assets

Other Current Liabilities

Other Income

Other Than Temporary Impairment

Out of Stock

Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Outlay Cost

Outside Director

Outside Supplier

Outsource Investor Relations

Outstanding Check

Outstanding Deposit

Outstanding Stock

Over Absorbed

Over Accrual

Overall Deal

Overapplied Overhead





Overhead Absorption

Overhead Allocation

Overhead Application

Overhead Costs

Overhead Incurred

Overhead Rate

Overhead Variances

Overstated Ending Inventory


Overtime Pay Calculation

Overtime Premium


Overview of Capital Budgeting

Owner’s Capital Account

Owner’s Drawing Account

Owners’ Equity

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