What are Other Current Liabilities?

Other Current Liabilities

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Other Current Liabilities

Other Current Liabilities (OCL) is a line item on a company’s balance sheet that lumps together all current liabilities that are not significant enough to warrant their own line on the balance sheet.

Current liabilities are obligations that the company must fulfill within the next year or within its operating cycle, whichever is longer. They typically include items such as accounts payable, short-term loans, current portion of long-term debt, accrued expenses, and taxes payable.

When a liability doesn’t fit into these common categories but is still due within the short term, it’s often listed as an other current liability. Examples of other current liabilities could include:

  • dividends payable: If the company has declared dividends that are payable within the next year, those dividends could be listed as an other current liability.
  • Customer deposits or advances: Money that the company has received from customers in advance for products or services that haven’t been delivered yet.
  • Deferred revenue: This is money received by a company in advance before it has provided the goods or services.

As with all financial statement items, the composition of other current liabilities can vary significantly from company to company depending on their operations and industry practices.

Example of Other Current Liabilities

Let’s consider a hypothetical company, ABC Corporation. This company has various current liabilities, and some of them fall under the category of Other Current Liabilities. A simplified balance sheet for ABC Corporation might look something like this:

ABC Corporation
Balance Sheet
As of December 31, 2023
Current LiabilitiesAmount (in USD)
Accounts Payable$200,000
Short-term Loans$150,000
Current Portion of Long-term Debt$100,000
Other Current Liabilities
Dividends Payable$50,000
Customer Deposits$25,000
Deferred Revenue$25,000
Total Other Current Liabilities$100,000
Total Current Liabilities$550,000

In this example, ABC Corporation’s Other Current Liabilities amount to $100,000, consisting of Dividends Payable ($50,000), Customer Deposits ($25,000), and Deferred Revenue ($25,000).

When you add these to the other major categories of current liabilities like Accounts Payable, Short-term Loans, and Current Portion of Long-term Debt, you get the Total Current Liabilities of $550,000. This total figure gives a broad understanding of the company’s short-term financial obligations.

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