Accounting Terms: N

Accounting Terms: N

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Accounting Terms: N

Natural Business Year

Natural Expense Classification

Natural Hedge

Negative Assurance

Negative Balance

Negative Cash Flow

Negative Cash on the Balance Sheet

Negative Confirmation

Negative Goodwill

Negative IRR

Negative Liability

Negative Pledge Clause

Negative Retained Earnings

Negative Stockholders Equity

Negative Working Capital

Nested Booking Limit

Net Assets

Net Assets Released From Restrictions

Net Book Value

Net Carrying Amount

Net Cash Flow

Net Credit Sales Formula

Net Current Assets

Net Fixed Assets

Net Float

Net Income

Net Income Formula

Net Income From Continuing Operations

Net Income Margin

Net Lease

Net Loss

Net Method of Recording Accounts Payable

Net of Depreciation

Net of Discount

Net of Tax

Net Operating Assets

Net Operating Income

Net Operating Profit After Tax

Net Pay

Net Payroll Payable

Net Periodic Pension Cost

Net Present Value

Net Present Value Analysis

Net Price Method

Net Proceeds

Net Profit

Net Profit Margin

Net Profit Ratio

Net Purchases

Net Quick Assets

Net Realizable Value

Net Receivables

Net Salary

Net Sales

Net Settlement

Net Working Capital

Net Working Capital Ratio

Net Worth

Net Worth Ratio

Next In, First Out (NIFO)


No Par Value Stock

NOL Loss Carryback

NOL Loss Carryforward

Nominal Account

Nominal Capital

Nominal GDP

Nominal Interest Rate

Nominal Value

Non-Cash Expense

Non-Conformance Costs

Non-Contributory Plan

Non-Controllable Cost

Non-Controlling Interest

Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock

Non-Current Assets

Non-Current Liabilities

Non-Exempt Employee

Non-Issuer Transaction

Non-Manufacturing Overhead Costs

Non-Monetary Asset

Non-Monetary Exchange

Non-Operating Expense

Non-Operating Income

Non-Participating Preferred Stock

Non-Participating Shares

Non-Price Determinants of Demand

Non-Productive Capacity

Non-Profit Accounting

Non-Reciprocal Transfer

Non-Recourse Financing

Non-Routine Decision

Non-Sampling Risk

Non-Statistical Sampling

Non-Trade Receivables

Non-Value Added Activity

NOPAT (Net Operating Profit After Tax)

Normal Activity

Normal Balance for an Account

Normal Balance of Retained Earnings

Normal Capacity

Normal Costing

Normal Operating Activities

Normal Spoilage

Normalized Earnings

Not-for-Profit Revenue Recognition

Not Sufficient Funds

Notes Payable

Notes Receivable Accounting

Notional Pooling

Notional Value

NSF Check

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