Accounting Terms: V

Accounting Terms: V

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Accounting Terms: V

Vacation Pay

Vacation Pay Expense

Vacation Pay Payable


Valuation Account

Valuation Allowance

Valuation Reserve


Value Added

Value Added Activity

Value Added Cost

Value Added Ratio

Value Added Tax

Value Added Time

Value Analysis

Value Based Pricing

Value Billing

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

Value Date

Value Engineering

Value in Use

Value Stock

Variable Contribution Margin

Variable Cost

Variable Cost Plus Pricing

Variable Cost Ratio

Variable Costing

Variable Costing Income Statement

Variable Expense

Variable Interest Entity

Variable Interest Rate

Variable Overhead

Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance

Variable Overhead Spending Variance

Variable Pricing

Variable Rate Bond

Variable Rate Loan

Variables Sampling


Variance Analysis

Variance Power

Variance Report


Vendor Invoice



Vertical Analysis

Vertical Balance Sheet

Vertical Integration

Vertical Merger

Vested Benefit Obligation


Virtual Close

Virtue Ethics

Voidable Preference

Voided Check


Volume Based Allocation

Volume Discount

Volume Variance

Voluntary Bankruptcy

Voodoo Accounting

Voting Stock


Voucher System


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