What is a Supplier Invoice?

Supplier Invoice

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Supplier Invoice

A supplier invoice, often just called an invoice, is a document issued by a supplier (or vendor) to a buyer, detailing a transaction between the two parties. The invoice typically lists the goods or services provided, their quantities, prices, and any other terms of sale. It serves as a request for payment from the buyer for the goods or services that have been delivered or agreed upon.

Key Components of a Supplier Invoice:

  • Invoice Number: A unique number for each invoice, which helps both the supplier and buyer track transactions and payments.
  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice is issued.
  • Supplier Information: Name, address, contact details, and possibly tax or business registration numbers of the supplier.
  • Buyer’s Information (Bill To): Name, address, and contact details of the buyer or the entity being billed.
  • Description of Goods or Services: Detailed information about the products or services being billed, including quantities, unit prices, and total prices.
  • Tax Details: Information about any taxes applied, such as sales tax, VAT, or GST, including the rate and the total tax amount.
  • Additional Fees: Information on any additional charges, like shipping, handling, or other fees.
  • Payment Terms: Information about how and when payment should be made (e.g., “Net 30” indicating payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date).
  • Total Amount Due: The sum total of all charges and taxes that the buyer owes.
  • Bank or Payment Details: Information on how the payment can be made, such as bank account details, payment portals, or other methods.
  • Notes or Special Instructions: Any additional information the supplier wants to communicate, such as return policies, feedback requests, or gratitude for the business.

Example of a Supplier Invoice

Let’s craft a fictional example of a supplier invoice.

Supplier Invoice

Invoice Number: 10245

Invoice Date: August 28, 2023

Supplier Information:

TechGadget Pro
123 Electronics Ave
TechCity, TS 34567
Phone: (123) 456-7890
Tax ID: 987-654-321

Bill To:

QuickFix IT Services
456 Business Blvd
CommerceTown, CT 12345
Phone: (234) 567-8901

Description of Goods:

Item No.Product NameQuantityUnit PriceTotal
01Laptop Model X15$800$4,000
02Smartphone ZY1210$400$4,000
03USB-C Cable (1m)20$10$200

Tax Details:

Sales Tax (7%): $574.00

Shipping Fee: $50.00

Total Amount Due: $8,824.00

Payment Terms: Due on receipt

Bank Details:

TechGadget Pro Banking
Account Number: 1122334455
Routing Number: 66778899

Notes: Thank you for your business! For any discrepancies or issues with the products, please contact our support within 7 days of receiving the goods.

In this example, the “TechGadget Pro” company has issued an invoice to “QuickFix IT Services” for the delivery of laptops, smartphones, and USB-C cables. The invoice details the individual prices, quantities, total amounts, applicable sales tax, and a shipping fee. It also provides the bank details for payment and includes a note at the end with additional information. “QuickFix IT Services” will use this invoice to ensure they’ve received the correct items and then proceed to make the payment according to the provided bank details.

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