What is a Stores Requisition?

Stores Requisition

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Stores Requisition

A “Stores Requisition” is a formal document used within an organization to request items or materials from a storage area, warehouse, or inventory department. It serves as an authorization for the stores department to issue the specified goods to the department making the request. The requisition ensures that items are only released for legitimate business purposes and that there’s a record of the transaction.

Key details that are typically included in a Stores Requisition:

  • Requisition Number: A unique identifier for tracking purposes.
  • Date: When the requisition is made.
  • Department or Section Requesting: The department or team that is making the request.
  • Description of Items: A detailed list of the items or materials requested, including item codes if applicable.
  • Quantity Requested: The amount of each item needed.
  • Purpose: Reason for the request, e.g., for a specific job, project, or regular operational use.
  • Requested By: Name and signature of the person making the request.
  • Approved By: Name and signature of the person (often a manager or supervisor) authorizing the request. This might be necessary in organizations that want to maintain tighter control over inventory issuance.
  • Date of Issue: The date when the stores department issues the items.
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt: Signature of the person receiving the items, confirming they have been received in good order.

After the items are issued, the stores department usually updates its records, such as the Stores Ledger, to reflect the reduction in stock.

In larger or more technologically advanced organizations, stores requisitions might be made electronically through an integrated inventory management system or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This digital method can offer quicker processing times and real-time updates to inventory levels.

Example of a Stores Requisition

Let’s create a fictional example to illustrate a Stores Requisition.

Scenario: BrightTech Electronics Production Facility

BrightTech Electronics manufactures various electronic gadgets. One of the production lines is preparing to start a batch for their popular tablet model and realizes they need specific components from the main warehouse.

Stores Requisition Form – BrightTech Electronics

Requisition Number: RTX-4521

Date: 2023-08-27

Department Requesting: Tablet Production Line

Description of Items:

  • Microprocessor Chip (Model: MPR-789)
  • Screen Display (Model: DISP-654)

Quantity Requested:

  • Microprocessor Chip – 500 units
  • Screen Display – 500 units

Purpose: Production batch for Tablet Model TB-1001 scheduled for the week of 2023-09-01.

Requested By: Name: Sarah Miller Signature: S.Miller

Approved By: Name: Alan Greene (Production Manager) Signature: A.Greene

Date of Issue: [To be filled by the stores department]

Acknowledgment of Receipt: [To be signed by Sarah Miller or designated receiver when items are received]

After receiving this requisition:

  • The stores department would verify the availability of the components.
  • Once available, they would issue the components to the Tablet Production Line.
  • The “Date of Issue” would be filled out, and the person receiving the components on behalf of the production line would sign under “Acknowledgment of Receipt.”
  • The stores department would then update their inventory records, such as the Stores Ledger, to reflect the decrease in stock for those components.

This process ensures that there is a formal record for every transaction and that components are only issued for valid business purposes.

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