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Audio Notes Sample

The main difference between the Superfast CPA Audio Notes and others you’ll find online, is that these audio notes deliver more relevant information much faster. Instead of each section containing 30+ hours of audio, each section is condensed into 4-5 hours of audio, so that you can listen to them from start to finish within 2-3 days of regular commuting time. As painful as it is, repetition is key to learning CPA concepts, so listening to these notes from start to finish several times for each section will give you a huge advantage on test day.

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Review Notes Sample

These are the best review notes you’ll find online.

They are made specifically so that you can open them for 5 minutes and learn concepts without needing scratch paper and a calculator. I didn’t just copy and paste a bunch of formulas and example problems in these and call them notes.

You will learn more, faster, from these notes than any other review notes online.

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Study Hacks Sample Module

The video below is module #8 from the Study Hacks Course. The Study Hacks course contains 13 video modules that walk you through exactly what I did to pass all 4 exams in 3 months. Here are the titles of the 13 modules to give you an idea of what’s in the course:

1) Finding Your Why: How to Stay Motivated to Finish

2) Choosing and Using Review Materials

3) How Far Apart To Schedule Your Exams & Other Considerations

4) Finding and Creating Time to Study

5) Which Order to Take the Exams & Other Considerations

6) The 2 Superfast “Secret Sauce” Study Methods

7) Studying on the Go: Squeeze-in Extra “Mini-Sessions” All Day

8) A Better Final Review Strategy: What to Do 2 Weeks From Test Day

9) FAR Tips

10) REG Tips

11) BEC Tips

12) AUD Tips

13) Strategies for Exam Day

What real CPA candidates are saying about Superfast CPA products…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I bumped into Superfast CPA after I had picked my review course and scheduled both REG and FAR. After listening to the initial prep and scheduling advice I knew I had scheduled my tests in the wrong order but I felt motivated and focused after listening to the sections. Thanks to the study strategies I passed REG with an 81. Simply put, it works. For me, the key to Superfast CPA is the inspiration it brings when studying gets long and boring. The methods provide focus and enhance the way you study- studying to the test, not trying to master all the material and how to practice time management for the exam. The point made that studying the hardest sections has diminishing returns was really eye opening for me. It makes perfect sense,and really helped me succeed. Suddenly the mountain didn’t seem so large and scary anymore. After passing REG and starting on FAR I started to get overwhelmed again and listened to the “finding your why” again it has continued to inspire me.

-Katie L.


“These notes are VERY well-organized and concise.  Many of the expensive review materials go into unnecessary detail that is difficult to understand, yet these notes do an amazing job of providing an outline of all the the major topics and their ‘must-know’ areas covered in FAR.  I am currently using these notes to help me paint a clearer picture for my re-study of FAR and it is a HUGE help to see everything organized so well.  I would highly recommend these notes to anyone who is having trouble understanding the “big picture” of the FAR topics and for those who struggle with notes from review courses that are written in complicated terms.”

-Kevin A.


These notes were fantastic. I honestly feel like I learned and actually understood the notes more than I did when I was reading my 900+ page review book that I purchased. When I purchased my review book, just looking at the table of contents I was so overwhelmed but when I looked at the table of contents in your notes, I didn’t feel discouraged or like there was way too much reading I had to do. The sections were manageable. I truly felt like wow these sections are doable and I can definitely knock them out A LOT faster then I could with my review book. And the best part was I could read an entire section and I knew exactly what I just learned unlike reading a page or two in the review book, with small print and have no idea what I just read. I can’t wait until the other 3 sections notes because I feel confident that these notes will really push my studying up to the next level!

-Heather T


I have found the Superfast CPA FAR notes to be extremely helpful. The information is very condensed and focuses on the main points. It is a great supplement to the study course I am using and is nice to have for quick review when I am at work. I would recommend these to everyone.

-Richard H


“These FAR notes are awesome! They’re short to the point and have little extra details that some other mainstream CPA review course materials don’t have. Also, these notes really cut out the extra fluff that’s present in some more popular CPA review course like the one that reminds with Decker. It’s a good thing it has included the info for the small business accounting, i.e. small GAAP, the newly liquidation accounting and most importantly IFRS rules that’s definitely on the CPA exam. I like the fact that these SuperFastCPA Review notes has a lot of space to write any extra notes we see fit to help us understand the material better. These notes are definitely recommended as a supplement anyone’s studies in learning the material quickly and efficiently!”

-Lawrence A.


I was desperate after my second failed exam. My first (BEC) I had a decent score (still a fail), and thought I could pass the next time around as long as I did the same thing, maybe just spending a few more hours watching lectures and going over all my notes. But then taking and failing FAR miserably a couple months later proved that I had no structure in my study strategy and I needed some serious help. A few colleagues said I should switch materials.. but I couldn’t spend a lot of money on a new study program. I didn’t think that would help me any more than the one I had now anyway. I thought I understood the concepts and could memorize things well but I had no idea how much time I was wasting and spinning my wheels with studying the way the program had laid out (watch a lecture, take notes, underline this, highlight that, do a few MCQs).

I found the SuperFast CPA online. I thought, “what could I lose?” and tried it out. I took FAR 8 weeks after I bought the program and strictly followed its guidance and was able to raise my score by 20 points. Not only were my study sessions shorter, but they were more efficient and I quickly gained confidence in taking practice tests and managing my time. This system really does work.

-Alaina H


The notes that Nate has created for FAR are excellent! I am currently using the notes to study for FAR again and have found that the notes have helped me to grasp certain topics that I had previously found to be difficult. I really like the organized style of the notes. The list format is easy-to-read and concise.  I am currently using the notes as a supplement to my review course.  If I am unclear about a topic as I go through my review questions, I now go to the notes for help on getting the “big picture” of the topic.

My plan is to constantly re-read these notes and do non-stop multiple choice questions. I am confident that this time around, I will get a passing score. I am very happy that I have found out about these notes and only wish I had something like this sooner. Thanks Nate!

-Melissa R.


Nate, the review notes on far are….so amazing. I love it man. I don’t even know where to start, it’s literally a work of art how you add just enough info but don’t jump too far. I’m on page 35 and going strong.

-Jason G


After spending time reading your notes, I love the way you organized and structured the materials in the most easiest way to read and understand. It is short, simple, straight to the point, but detail enough to help me review some info I missed when I learned in school. I also like examples you added into it to illustrate some complex information as well. Keep up the good work!

-Thao N.


WOW!  The “Superfast CPA FAR notes,” are exceptional!  They balance perfectly between being informative and condensed .  The concepts and materials are clearly defined in a way that is easy to comprehend.  I have used notes from other CPA study programs and I feel that the “Superfast CPA Notes,” have been the best.

Thanks Nate!

-Joe N.


I would without a doubt recommend these notes to my friends who are studying for the exam. At first, reading them was like reading an organized version of my “study questions I got wrong” notes, which is great in and of itself, but it got better! These notes are not only organized, but are also complete and concise; there’s no filler content. An added bonus is how the notes helped me focus on how much of each of the five topics is generally covered on the exam, as opposed to the “I must know everything about every topic that is put in front of me” mindset, which can be easy to creep into. Great product!

-Sarah S




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