Accelerated Study Methods To Pass Faster While Studying Less

Learn the exact study methods and strategies I used to pass all 4 exams in 3 months. Proof in the video below

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  • q-iconWhat exactly is the Study Hacks course?

    The Superfast CPA is a self-study video course that has over a dozen modules. It walks you through the exact study methods and exam strategies I used to pass all 4 sections in 3 months. The goal of the course is to give you an entirely different approach to your strategy, study methods, and exam-day tactics for the CPA exam that will result in you passing the tests faster, and avoiding re-takes. The Superfast CPA course will allow you to: Study less while learning more (seriously), cut entire months off of the time it takes you to pass all 4 exams, turn your study sessions from something you dread into something that you almost look forward to because the consistent progress is addicting, and pass the exams fast. Which will impress management at work, make your peers jealous, and set you apart from the pack.



  • q-iconHow long will my access to the course last?

    Your access never expires- it is a lifetime membership for just a one-time payment.

  • q-iconWill the course help someone who is working full-time?

    Yes, definitely. I was working full-time while studying and it was also busy season. This course really does show you exactly how to structure your study sessions so that you’re getting more done in one hour than most people get done in 3 hours of studying the normal way.

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    You’ll instantly get an email and you’ll be able to watch the videos within minutes of submitting your payment.


What Real CPA Candidates Are Saying About The Superfast CPA Study Hacks Course...

Excellent advice/tips given that will save time. I have been overwhelmed during my studying and the tips given have helped me feel more confident to begin a new study plan that will lead to passing each section of the CPA exam. I felt relieved to read some of the advice where I have been unmotivated before. I really needed the advice and tips given to help me focus and stay committed.



I listened to the audios and this is by far the best CPA prep to get you motivated! The information was concise and straightforward. This was refreshing and actually told you HOW to get ready and pass the CPA exam. I highly recommend it.



Guys... this is really worth the money. I failed FAR multiple times and this course really helped me fix the way i study and help maximize my time for studying. A must for anyone planning or currently trying to pass the CPA exams.



I have been struggling for the CPA exam for some time now as I work full time and have two little kids at home. It is a struggle to find the time to study and it always seems like I am not getting anything out of it. Nate - this course is fantastic! So many great tips in here about what to do and not do and different things to try. Anyone looking to sit for the CPA exam needs to take this before they start anything! I only wish I had these tips and tricks when I started my journey a few years ago. Hopefully this will help me get through the rest of it! Quick and easy to understand! Loved it and thank you.


-Mindy Jo


I'm currently studying for the CPA exam and it always feels like I'm just putting in the time. This course stopped me in my tracks and made me forget about just "putting in the time" and made me focus on my studies. Learning about how he passed really helped me understand why I have always been bad at studying. Thanks Nate!




This tells you exactly WHAT you need to study and HOW you need to study for the CPA exam. It is really now how hard you study but rather how SMART you study. Nate informs you on how he passed on the exam. To tell you the truth, I have been using his methods for the past month to pass the AUDIT portion of my exam. I do not think I would be able to learn the material as fast as I do today and it is all through this course's help. If you really want to pass the exam and you are having struggles on how to study for and what to study for it then I would really suggest you to learn the tips that this course has. It informs you the smarter way to study and how much study time you can cut out in your schedule by not wasting time on unnecessary parts. Highly recommended!


-Tanvi M


This is exactly the information that anyone pursuing the CPA license needs to learn. The long and grueling process of taking the CPA exam can be overwhelming, but with the right approach and strategy to studying and test taking, a lot of the stress can be removed. I would recommend these strategies to anyone looking for success in passing the CPA exam!


-David L


Nate does a fantastic job telling you how to correctly study for the CPA exam. I am now just starting to study for the CPA exam, and I feel like I am really understanding the material better than I was before I started following his tips. He tells how he failed FAR the first time, and how he realized he had studied completely wrong for it, and what he did differently the second time around. I feel like I will be able to pass the CPA exam a lot faster after hearing Nate's recommendations. He really knows what he's talking about!


-Micah A


I am amazed how simply the lectures and tips are laid out. The tips Nate suggests as part of these lectures are right on point. There is lot of noise and confusion around which Review courses are better even though all of us know what really matters is if we studied right. Knowing the material is very important and Nate tells you exactly how it can be done by studying effectively. I am glad I came across this, the lectures have helped me regain my focus!




For someone who has struggled with maintaining their focus when studying for the CPA exam, this course has helped a lot. The methods and tips that are covered are instrumental for anyone looking to pass in a short period of time. No one wants to spend more time than they have to when studying especially since we all have other commitments. I hope you consider this course as it becomes just what you need to gain effective study sessions.




I found this course to be very helpful, So much should be common sense, but having struggled with studying and passing, often times it is the simplest approach that works the best. There aren't any easy 'quick' solutions, you simply have to apply yourself and do it. Very glad I invested the time to go through this course.


-K Griffin


This is basically everything you need to know how to study for the CPA exam the right way. Everyone has a different form of studying but we are here to pass the exam not master the material and I think this course breaks down useful information many people take for granted.




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