How the “Queen of 74s” Vanquished Her CPA Exams

how brandi passed superfastcpa

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In this episode you’ll hear from Brandi, the self-appointed “queen of 74s”, and how she turned her process around and then quickly passed her CPA exams. You’ll hear her experience going from feeling “miserable” for over a year to, “all of a sudden I was done”.

Brandi shares a ton of great tips, insights, and strategies that you’ll be able to apply directly to your own study process, so that you can simplify, make progress faster, and pass your exams with less stress and hassle.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:26: Brandi’s CPA exam experience in a nutshell.
  • 01:11: Training sessions to help you study more effectively – i.e., getting more done faster.
  • 02:40: Brandi graduates in May 2019 and finds a job working with a top tier firm in Vegas.
  • 02:55: Brandi gets her first 74 after “studying constantly/hardcore” using a review course.
  • 04:49: “And that’s when I found your course. I did the webinar and I was like wow; this totally makes sense. I feel like this is actually doable—especially because I was miserable.”
  • 04:56: Learn how Brandi found relief with the help of SuperfastCPA training and how her daily process was simplified.
  • 06:41: The contrast between Brandi’s study methods before SuperfastCPA and after following the strategies.
  • 09:49: Listen in on how Brandi leveraged the SuperfastCPA study resources.
  • 11:46: The strategic breakthroughs that allowed Brandi to pass her CPA exams—including “finding her way” and ramping up her study efficiency with multiple-choice questions.
  • 15:00: Brandi’s version of a final review before her exams.
  • 17:27: The feeling of disbelief after getting the fourth passing score.
  • 21:14: The sticky notes, vision boards, audio notes, and ads that kept Brandi going.
  • 22:39: The SuperfastCPA mobile app as a “huge gamechanger” in Brandi’s study process.
  • 24:27: Life as a CPA – “I like being on this side now and helping other people be able to get through it.”

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