How Mourghan Turned Her Study Process Around and Passed Her CPA Exams

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In this episode you’ll hear how Mourghan spent the first few years of her CPA journey putting in a lot of work, but not getting the results. She shares her two main breakthroughs that turned her study process around and resulted in her passing her CPA exams, as well as many other study tips. We get very into the details of the study process and what makes it work in this interview, so don’t miss it!

Episode Timestamps

00:22: An overview of the episode’s points of discussion—including the tedious, time-consuming, and ineffective study process Mourghan used before she came across SuperfastCPA.

02:26: “If this is the first time or the first thing you’ve come across from SuperfastCPA, or if you still have not taken the time to watch one of our free 1-hour training webinars, that is where we will walk you through our study techniques (free)…that’s where they (podcast guests) started with SuperfastCPA.”

03:04: “You can sign up for one of these sessions by going to our homepage at https://www.superfastcpa.com/.”

03:37: Mourghan elaborates on her journey of trying to get the 150 credits needed to become a licensed CPA.

06:18: Mourghan getting low scores and failing her CPA exams repeatedly. “…how am I ever going to pass these if I can’t get through something that I’m actually working in?”

07:24: Mourghan comes across a SuperfastCPA ad on her social media feed.

08:42: Using the mobile app to answer multiple-choice questions throughout the day, every day.

12:05: “I was reading everything and thinking, how am I going to memorize everything? But what you really need to do is focus on what kinds of things they’re going to be asking you in the multiple-choice questions.”

13:13: Mourghan’s initial time-consuming note-taking process.

14.21: Things get easier with the use of Quizlets, color-coded notes, and digital flashcards.

17.23: Using audio notes to reinforce studied content.

19:03: Synergy and motivation through a study group—including customizing the CPA study process to best serve your purpose (i.e., retain information during the exam).

24:40: Mourghan highlights how consistency was key to the effectiveness of her study process.

26:08: “Final review” for each exam – doing full sets of multiple-choice questions and simulation repeatedly

28:18: Mourghan and Nate discuss the importance of time management during the exams.

32:20: Celebrating passing the exams.

33:56: Mourghan’s top tips for people who are still trying to figure out their CPA study process.

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