What is Resume Analysis?

Resume Analysis

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Resume Analysis

Resume analysis refers to the process of evaluating and reviewing a candidate’s resume to determine their suitability for a specific job role. It’s an essential part of the recruitment process and is often the first step that recruiters or hiring managers take after collecting resumes for an open position. The primary goal is to identify potential candidates who meet the job’s requirements and are likely to succeed in the position.

Key elements involved in resume analysis include:

  • Contact Information: Verifying the candidate’s basic details like name, phone number, and email address.
  • Objective or Summary: This section might give insight into the candidate’s career goals and how they align with the company’s objectives.
  • Work Experience: Assessing past roles, responsibilities, job tenure, achievements, and progression to gauge the candidate’s fit and expertise.
  • Education: Checking academic qualifications, courses taken, and institutions attended.
  • Skills: Identifying relevant skills, both hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal), that match the job requirements.
  • Certifications: Recognizing any additional certifications or training that could be beneficial for the job.
  • Achievements: Looking for any notable achievements that stand out, indicating a proactive and result-driven candidate.
  • Format and Presentation: Assessing the resume’s layout, clarity, and organization. A well-structured resume can indicate a candidate’s professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Keywords: Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for specific keywords related to the job description. If a resume doesn’t include these keywords, it might not even be seen by a human reviewer.
  • Consistency and Accuracy: Ensuring that the information provided is consistent throughout and checking for any discrepancies or gaps in employment.
  • Customization: Determining if the candidate tailored their resume for the specific position or if it’s a generic version sent to multiple employers.

After analyzing resumes, the next steps in the recruitment process usually include shortlisting candidates for interviews, conducting initial screening calls, and further evaluations to determine the best fit for the position.

In the modern job market, with the proliferation of online job boards and platforms, hiring managers and recruiters often receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for a single position. Effective resume analysis is critical to efficiently identify the most promising candidates among these and move forward in the hiring process.

Example of Resume Analysis

Let’s walk through a fictional example of resume analysis:

Job Posting: Senior Web Developer at TechFusion Corp.

Key Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of experience in web development.
  • Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and React.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and team collaboration.

Resume Received: John Doe

Contact Information:

Objective: “Experienced Web Developer with 6 years of hands-on experience seeking to leverage expertise with a dynamic team at TechFusion Corp. Adept in creating responsive web designs using React.”

Work Experience:

  • Web Developer at CodeMasters (2018-2023):
    • Developed and maintained 10+ web applications.
    • Led a team of 4 junior developers.
    • Worked in an Agile environment, participating in scrums and sprints.
  • Junior Web Developer at BuildItWeb (2016-2018):
    • Assisted in creating 5 major projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Collaborated with UX/UI designers for optimized designs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Web University, 2012-2016.


  • Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, and Node.js.
  • Agile methodologies.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Problem-solving.


  • React Developer Certification, 2020.


  • CodeMaster’s Employee of the Month, June 2021.
  • Increased website speed by 20% at BuildItWeb.

Format and Presentation: Neatly organized, clear sections, professional font, and no noticeable typos.


  • John’s objective is clear, and he seems to have tailored his resume for the Senior Web Developer position at TechFusion Corp.
  • With a total of 6 years of web development experience, John meets the experience criteria.
  • His proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and especially React aligns well with the job requirements.
  • He has the necessary educational background: a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  • John’s experience with Agile methodologies at CodeMasters is a plus.
  • The skills section clearly lists his technical capabilities and soft skills.
  • His achievements indicate a proactive and result-driven approach.
  • The resume is well-structured and organized.

Conclusion: John Doe’s resume meets all key requirements for the Senior Web Developer position at TechFusion Corp. He should be shortlisted for an interview or screening call.

This example shows how a hiring manager or recruiter would analyze a resume against the job requirements to determine if a candidate is a potential fit for the role.

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