What Evan Changed After Getting Sick of 74s

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In this episode you’ll hear Evan’s story, and the changes he made after getting sick of scoring between 69 and 74 on his CPA exams. You’ll learn about perseverance, not giving up and the breakthroughs that turned Evan’s study process around, which led to him passing his CPA exams.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:23: An overview of topics discussed in the episode—revolving around Evan’s CPA journey.
  • 02:57: “To sign up for one of our free training sessions, just go to our main site at www.superfastCPA.com and it’s the main thing at the top of the homepage. Or you can text the word PASSNOW to the number 44222, and we’ll send you back a link to the training.”
  • 04:04: Evan starts studying for his CPA exams in 2015 immediately after graduating college. He initially uses popular study programs like Becker— “practicing everything under the sun”—but he kept failing. “From 2015 to about 2017 that’s what I was doing. But I was consistently failing the exams—getting anywhere between a 69 and 74.”
  • 05:38: Evan comes across SuperfastCPA advertisements in the summer of 2017 while stuck in a cycle of consistently failing his exams by a few points.
  • 06:06: “I signed up for one of your FREE 1-hour webinars and you went through your story of how you were able to pretty much knock out the exam.” – Evan
  • 07:27: Using a “study concoction” of Wiley and SuperfastCPA study material/methods.
  • 07:38: “Looking back, what was the key change you got from our strategies as compared to what you were doing before?” – Nate
  • 07:50: Learn how Evan filled the gaps/dead spaces in his day to ramp his studying by listening to audios, quizzes, and other supplemental material from SuperfastCPA.
  • 08:37: “If you’re trying to learn new material in any subject, revisiting it multiple times throughout the day is proven to be way more effective than long sessions all at once.” – Nate
  • 09:48: Evan takes his exams after using SuperfastCPA study tools and he passes—starting with FAR and AUD shortly after. “It was exciting. It was like; wow, I’m actually doing this. I’m halfway there…Failing the exam multiple times and then being able to use the material and push myself forwards…you helped me push further along.”
  • 10:49: Evan encounters a “mindset switch” in which he felt less stress—a change he attributes to the mindful, relaxed, and controlled methodology of SuperfastCPA study tools and strategies.
  • 13:33: Nate explains different ways to use SuperfastCPA study material to achieve the same end goal of passing your exams faster.
  • 14:35: Learn about the benefits of mobile apps in simplifying your study process and offering easier access to study material on the go.
  • 16:14: Using multiple-choice questions and practice sims to improve study outcomes.
  • 17:34: Evan highlights his process of tackling concepts or topics that he struggled with. Flashcards? Multiple Choice Questions? Notes?
  • 18:43: “What did you do for a final review during the last week/days before an exam?” – Nate
  • 21:02: Listen to Evan narrate his test day experience after using SuperfastCPA—including how he felt ready with regard to time management. “There was an improvement in time management at that point. I guess it was just knowing what to expect and how to tackle it.”
  • 25:02: How Evan felt after passing his 4th exam—including how he celebrated the achievement.
  • 26:07: Evan’s top tips for people currently studying for their CPA exams.

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