What are Expense Report Audits?

Expense Report Audits

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Expense Report Audits

Expense report audits are reviews or examinations of expense reports to ensure their accuracy and compliance with company policies and tax laws. These audits are crucial for maintaining financial transparency and integrity within an organization.

The process involves checking each entry in an expense report against the supporting documents like receipts, invoices, and other related paperwork. The auditor verifies whether the expenses were indeed business-related, were correctly categorized, and were in compliance with the company’s expense policy.

The primary purposes of expense report audits are to:

  • Ensure Compliance: Audits ensure that all expenses comply with company policies and tax regulations. This helps to avoid any fraudulent activities and tax complications.
  • Detect Fraud: Audits can help detect fraudulent expense claims or any other irregularities. This includes personal expenses disguised as business expenses, duplicate expense claims, inflated expenses, etc.
  • Improve Efficiency: By routinely auditing expense reports, companies can identify patterns and make improvements to their expense policies and procedures. For instance, they might find that a particular type of expense is consistently going over budget, indicating the need for better management or policy revision.
  • Protect the Organization: Regular audits protect the organization from financial losses due to fraud or mistakes, and from potential legal issues due to non-compliance with tax laws.

Depending on the size of the organization, the audit could be performed internally (by a designated team within the company) or externally (by a third-party auditor). These days, many companies also use audit software to automate part of the process and improve efficiency.

Example of Expense Report Audits

Here’s a hypothetical example of how an expense report audit might take place:

Let’s say an employee at XYZ Corp, John Doe, submitted an expense report for a business trip. The report contains several entries for flights, hotel stays, meals, and transportation costs.

John’s Expense Report:

DateCategoryDescriptionAmount ($)Receipt (Yes/No)
2023-06-01TravelFlight to New York500.00Yes
2023-06-02AccommodationHotel Stay300.00Yes
2023-06-03MealsDinner at XYZ Restaurant200.00Yes
2023-06-03TransportationTaxi to meeting50.00Yes
2023-06-03EntertainmentBroadway Show150.00Yes

Total Expense: $1200.00

In the auditing process, an internal auditor or a team within the company tasked with this duty will review John’s expense report. Here’s how they might proceed:

  • Verify the Receipts: The auditor would check if receipts or invoices were attached for each expense. They’d confirm that the details on the receipts match the details provided in the report.
  • Check Compliance with Company Policy: The auditor would compare the expenses against the company’s expense policy. For instance, the policy might state that employees can’t claim more than $150 per day for meals. If John’s dinner at XYZ Restaurant cost $200, this would be flagged.
  • Ensure Business Relevance: The auditor would verify that each expense is business-related. In this case, the Broadway show might be questioned, unless John can demonstrate a business purpose (e.g., it was a planned outing with a client).
  • Look for Duplicate Claims: The auditor would ensure that each expense is unique and has not been claimed before.
  • Check Calculations: The auditor would confirm that all expense totals are correctly calculated.

Any discrepancies or violations found during the audit would then be addressed according to the company’s policies. This could range from asking the employee for additional documentation, denying reimbursement for non-compliant expenses, or in severe cases, even initiating disciplinary action for fraudulent activity.

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