What are Check Printing Charges?

Check Printing Charges

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Check Printing Charges

Check printing charges are fees that banks, credit unions, or third-party check printing companies charge customers for printing and providing checks. These fees typically cover the cost of producing the checks, customizing them with the account holder’s information, and shipping them to the customer. The charges can vary depending on the financial institution, the type of checks ordered, the design and customization options chosen, and the quantity of checks requested.

Some banks and credit unions may offer a limited number of checks for free or at a reduced cost to their customers, especially for those with specific account types, such as premium checking accounts. However, in most cases, customers will need to pay check printing charges when they order new checks.

Customers can also choose to order checks from third-party check printing companies, which may offer a wider variety of designs, customization options, and competitive pricing. When ordering from a third-party company, it’s important to ensure that the checks meet the necessary security standards and requirements set by the financial institution where the account is held.

Check printing charges can be a one-time cost or a recurring cost, depending on how frequently a customer needs to order new checks. As more people and businesses move towards electronic payment methods, the demand for checks has decreased, and check printing charges may become less of a concern for most account holders.

Example of Check Printing Charges

Let’s say John has a checking account with ABC Bank, and he needs to order a new set of checks. Here’s an example of the check printing charges John might encounter:

  • John logs into his online banking account and navigates to the check ordering section. He chooses a basic check design offered by the bank, which comes with 100 checks per box.
  • ABC Bank charges $15 for the basic check design, which includes the cost of printing, customizing the checks with John’s account information, and shipping the checks to John’s address.
  • If John wants to upgrade to a custom design with a personal photo or a specific theme, the bank charges an additional $10, bringing the total cost to $25.
  • John decides to order two boxes of basic checks, resulting in a total check printing charge of $30.

Alternatively, John could explore third-party check printing companies, which might offer more designs and competitive pricing. For example, John finds a reputable third-party company, XYZ Checks, that offers a similar basic check design for $12 per box. John decides to order two boxes from XYZ Checks, resulting in a total check printing charge of $24, saving him $6 compared to ordering the checks from his bank.

When ordering checks from a third-party company, it’s essential for John to ensure that the checks meet the necessary security standards and requirements set by ABC Bank to avoid any issues when using the checks.

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