Webinar Summary Sheet

Now that you’ve seen the webinar, I’ve summarized the most important information and links for you from the webinar.

Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference, or save the email that you got that contained this link.

Key Items from the Webinar:

Recommended Review Course. The main review course – especially if you’re paying out of pocket – is CPAexcel. I like how they present content the best, but the biggest thing is you get to keep access until you pass. “Life happens” to a lot of candidates and so it’s nice to know that you’ll always have access to your review course when you need it. You can get a free trial of the full course here…

Flashcards. If you missed this on the webinar, go to this page to download the flashcards and follow the instructions.

Make your study sessions more effective. You can get more done in much less time by staying focused, and using active study methods. Explain difficult concepts out loud to yourself until you understand them, and write flashcards in your own words.

Shorten your main study session. 3-4 hours of studying a day is a very hard metric to hit day in and day out. But, we’re hard on ourselves, so when we don’t hit our study goals we get more and more stressed out. Also, 3-4 hours a day requires that you make big changes to your schedule such as hiring a babysitter or getting up at 4am. 1-2 hours on the other hand, is much more manageable, isn’t as daunting, and is easier to get through mentally. Pair this shorter main session with mini-sessions throughout your day and it’s a much more effective strategy than one big session each day with low productivity.

Implement mini-sessions during your day. This will be the most helpful strategy that you can add to what you’re already doing. Reading review notes every time you have 5 or 10 minutes, and then listening to audio notes whenever you’re driving or working out will cement concepts and boost your retention better than anything else you can do.

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