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These FAR notes are VERY well-organized and concise.  Many of the expensive review materials go into unnecessary detail that is difficult to understand, yet these notes do an amazing job of providing an outline of all the the major topics and their ‘must-know’ areas covered in FAR.  I am currently using these notes to help me paint a clearer picture for my re-study of FAR and it is a HUGE help to see everything organized so well.  I would highly recommend these notes to anyone who is having trouble understanding the “big picture” of the FAR topics and for those who struggle with notes from review courses that are written in complicated terms.

Kevin A.

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Your advise definitely helped me get through studying (sat for the 1st time on Feb 9). I was always intimidated by the amount of material, but your tips helped me get through the material much more efficiently and I felt confident on the Exam day. Thanks for putting this together.

– Nida


Hi Nate,

Thank you for your notes!

I must say I definitely LOVE IT!!! It’s quite detailed and in simple terms even a non accounting person can grasp it. I truly thank you for sharing this.

– Alma J


The FAR notes Nate has put together allow anyone studying for the CPA exam to review topics without going through dense textbooks. If really takes the topics and organizes them into lists that highlight and explain them. It allows for quick review and is great for anyone trying to review before their exam. It is a great way to review without having to write your own notes as you read through your accounting books.

– Raeesa T.


I found the review notes easy to read and they are a great summary of all of the info I need to know for the exam.

– Greg P.

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