TCP Study Tools

How to get the most out of the study tools:

The best way to use the study tools is to have multiple “mini-sessions” with each study tool each day. They each hit a different modality (audio, visual, etc), therefore they “hit” your brain differently, which means you absorb and retain more information in total than by always just using the review notes for example.

Of course it’s fine to have your “go-to” that you like using the most, but really try to work in each of the different study tools each day.

For example:

  • In the 3-5 minute gaps throughout the day, alternate between the taking quizzes and reading a few pages of the notes.
  • When you’re driving or doing stuff around the house, be listening to the audios.
  • The last hour of your day when you’re in bed, use the follow-along notes.

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