How Zach is Passing His CPA Exams Using Recall and Spaced Repetition

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In this interview you’ll hear from Zach, who is currently in his master’s program but already has two of his CPA exams done. In this episode we cover all parts of the study process, and Zach has a lot of good ideas & tips to share, but listen for 3 specific things:

  1. How “miniaturizing” the study process reduces or eliminates the “dread factor”, so that you can pack in more study time each day without constantly battling your own motivation to plow through a 4-hour study session.
  2. The power and effectiveness of spaced repetition and “recall training” in your study process.
  3. How to be strategic in how you formulate your own study process… instead of just blindly pouring hours down the drain of ineffective studying.

Also, if you’re a Becker user, Zach also shares some specific Becker tips for implementing the SuperfastCPA study strategies. Don’t miss this one!

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