How Karrie Passed Her CPA Exams While Running Her Own Business and Doing Online School with 2 Kids

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In this episode you’ll hear Karrie’s CPA exam experience, which was hectic to say the least. If you have kids that are in school, then you know that every parent also got a second job as a full-time teacher during 2020, in addition to doing their normal job from home… at the same time. Karrie did that with two kids, AND was trying to pass her CPA exams at the same time.

In this episode you’ll hear how she did it.

She also shared a great tip that I’d never heard about being able to request a paper and pencil at the testing center instead of the standard little whiteboard and marker.

How to Request a Paper and Pencil for Your CPA Exam

Send the following information to: candidatecare@nasba.org

Your request: I would like to request a paper and pencil to use during the exam instead of a white board and marker.

Then include the following information:

Name on NTS:
Section ID:
Date of Test:
Test Center# and Location:

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