How Joe Cut His Study Time in Half, and Passed His Exams

how joe used superfastcpa

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In this episode you’ll hear from Joe, who went from studying 5+ hours a day, down to 2 hours a day in the mornings once he started following the SuperfastCPA study framework… and passed his last 2 exams while still taking the evenings off. Like the other interviews, we cover the study process from start to finish, and Joe has a lot of great tips & insights that will help you improve your own CPA study process, so don’t miss this interview!

Episode Timestamps:

03:50: Joe narrates his career path since leaving graduate school in 2016 and starting full time in public accounting.

04:08: Learn how Joe brought his CPA study material with him while still playing in the league. Studying in the morning and having games at night.

04:27: Challenges studying for CPA using a standard review course. “It was a lot of time for not a lot of success.”

05:08: Joe sits for his first CPA exam (FAR) in April 2017, but failed. “And I think I knew like two to three days before the exam. I just didn’t remember all the stuff I did.”

06:57: Joe narrates how he was caught at a crossroads wondering how he will pass and finish his last 2 CPA exams amid increasing pressure, studying inefficiencies, and limited time.

07:04: Joe comes across SuperfastCPA. “I was looking on the internet and I found SuperfastCPA. I watched the videos and I was like…this is what I needed. Something where I’m going to retain more in less time. I purchased superfastCPA on the spot.”

07:26: Joes passes his exams the first time around with the help of SuperfastCPA.

08:20: Joe provides a detailed look at his hectic study schedule and what his typical day looked like initially. “…you get through like one module a day. And at one point it hit me that it is going to take me forever at this pace.”

09:55: The contrast between Joe’s initial study process and the SuperfastCPA study process after watching the 1-hour training.

11:37: “So walking into the office I would listen to your lectures on repeat. And I downloaded the Quizlet app, and I made my own flashcards for everything I got wrong. And literally, instead of pulling out Instagram, I’d pull out Quizlet.”

15:00: Nate describes how the SuperfastCPA study process encourages constant “re-review” of important information—helping you retain the content better.

15:38: Joe and Nate discuss strategies on taking practice CPA Simulations.

17:54: Time management during the CPA exams—including leaving enough time for SIMs.

20:32: How Joe found out that he had passed his fourth exam on his dad’s birthday.

21:23: Joes offers his main tips for anyone studying for CPAs or looking to advance in his/her public accounting career.

23:00: Learn about how Joe’s study session looked like the last few days before an exam.

26:11: Nate Narrates the backstory to SuperfastCPA… the inspiration behind the idea of creating the CPA study tools and strategies to help anyone taking the CPA exams pass faster.

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