How Ben Easily Passed His CPA Exams After Battling Them for Years

how ben passed superfastcpa

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In this interview, you’ll hear Ben’s story about how he spent several years studying and failing sections, and then his breakthrough that led to him going 4 for 4 within just a few months. You’ll be surprised how simple Ben makes the study process sound after he figured out what to focus on when studying, and it allowed him to still spend lots of quality time with his family in the evenings.

“It was the strategy videos that got me motivated. If you apply the right strategies then you can do this—and you don’t have to know everything.”

-Ben, Episode 50

Ben is a CPA working for a Chicago-based public accounting firm. He’s been at the firm since he graduated from college in 2012. Ben wanted his CPA to keep moving up in his firm, but after spending several years and multiple failed sections, he started wondering if it was worth it.

In this interview, Ben provides an in-depth overview of the bumps/hurdles he encountered studying for his CPA the first few years, and then how leveraging the SuperfastCPA PRO strategies – primarily from his phone – proved to be a game-changer.

Episode Highlights

  • The challenges Ben faced: “When my wife got pregnant, I needed to get my CPA or transition my career to an industry where I don’t necessarily need my CPA to move up in a firm.” (Ben, 3:44)
  • “Mini Sessions” to the rescue: How Ben leveraged the study methods offered by SuperfastCPA on his phone while commuting on the train, while jogging, etc.
  • Pass faster: “I passed all 4 tests—starting November 2019 and I passed my 4th test on February 2020…I had failed a bunch of exams [10-12] over the course of 8 years, which was essentially thousands of dollars down the toilet. So for me, it was an extremely valuable investment [The SuperfastCPA training program].” (*paraphrased Ben, 06:26)
  • Confidence building: Our guest discusses the often-overlooked aspect of confidence, whereby the confidence of first-time test taker “might be shaken and that might reduce the speed at which you’re taking multiple-choice questions.” (10:00)
  • Time management: Learn how Ben avoided procrastination and made the most of his limited study time to pass 4 exams in less than 4 months. (24:50)

Resources Mentioned

  • Visit SuperfastCPA.com to sign up for a FREE webinar
  • Or text the word ‘PASSNOW’ to 44222 for a link to the training
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