How Alec Passed His CPA Exams 5 Questions at a Time

how alec passed his cpa exams superfastcpa

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In this episode you’ll hear from Alec, who is a SuperfastCPA customer and now a CPA. In this interview we cover how Alec’s study process evolved from passing his first section, then to some struggles, and then dialing in his study process and passing his remaining sections.

3 Things to listen for in this episode:

  • How Alec used the AICPA blueprints in his study process
  • How he used the SuperfastCPA study tools in his study routine, and as a “cram course” in his final review
  • How the idea of “re-review” was a turning point in his study process

Also, Alec mentions our free study training as his introduction to SuperfastCPA, which you can watch a free session of here…

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