Flashcards Download and Instructions

Thanks for attending the webinar. Below are the steps to get your free flashcards setup.

How to Download and Use the Flashcards

READ THIS FIRST: So for an overview of what you’re going to be doing, you will create an account at Quizlet.com. You will then click the links below for each flashcard deck, and “copy” the decks to your own account using a desktop computer or laptop, and then after that you can download the Quizlet app and use these flashcards from your smartphone.

Step 1: You must be on desktop computer or a laptop to download and setup the flashcards. It WILL NOT work on your smartphone until you do the first steps on a regular computer.

Step 2: Create a free account at Quizlet.com.

Step 3: The links to the 4 flashcard decks:

Step 4: After you click each link, there is an option to “copy” the deck. Click this and it copies the deck to your account, which allows you to edit the cards, add your own cards, etc.

Step 5: Once you’ve copied all 4 decks, download the Quizlet app from the App Store, login to your Quizlet account, and the 4 decks will be there for your studying pleasure!

Webinar Mindmap & Slides

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