Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.s

On this page you’ll find the answers to the most frequently-asked-questions about the SuperfastCPA study philosophies and study tools.

Please look through the table of contents to try and find the answer to your question before sending an email or requesting support.

How will the SuperfastCPA study tools help me pass faster?

To answer this, it’s important to understand why the CPA exams are so difficult to pass in the first place. There are 3 specific reasons:

  1. Information overwhelm: Especially for FAR and REG, there is a huge amount of information to learn, and many candidates become overwhelmed with trying to figure out what parts of each topic are the most important, and just the overall difficulty of understanding and making sense of the material.
  2. Time: People are busier than ever, working more than ever, the exams are harder than ever, and many candidates feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to fit in as much studying as they need to.
  3. Retention: Getting through all the material in an effective way just once is a huge task… but then candidates take a practice exam and realize they’ve forgotten a huge portion of what they’ve studied. So the challenge is not only learning and getting through all the material, but trying to remember it all as well for test day.

So… The main idea behind the SuperfastCPA study tools is to give you easy-to-understand study tools that provide efficient repeat-coverage of the key topics through the course of your normal day, by using the study tools on your phone whenever you have a few minutes.

For example… when you’re in your car commuting, be listening to the audio notes… when you’re walking across the office or on your lunch break, read a few pages in the review notes or take a quiz.

Using the study tools in this way easily adds 2-3 extra hour of exposure a day, on top of your main study sessions. That obviously adds up and gets you ready for your exams faster and more efficiently compared to only doing one main study session each day.

Your main study sessions each day with your review course is where you get really granular and spend time going through specific lessons… the SuperfastCPA products are mostly meant to be used through the rest of your day, and to make it easy to pack in a lot of repeat coverage of the most important parts of each topic.

(that being said, most of our customers refer to our review notes during their main study sessions because the review notes provide a fast and easy “big picture” overview of the main points of each topic)

So what are the SuperfastCPA study tools?

There are 4 SuperfastCPA products:

  1. The review notes
  2. The audio notes
  3. The practice questions
  4. The Study Hacks course

The Review Notes

The review notes are what they sound like: They provide a clear overview of the key points from each topic. They follow the AICPA exam blueprints, and we based them on exam questions by topic. You can spend several hours watching a video lecture and reading the textbook for a topic, but if you look through the practice questions for that topic, you’ll notice that you’ll usually only see questions on the same 2-3 key points from the topic. That is why we used exam questions to formulate our review notes.

The review notes are meant to be read from start to finish several times as you study for any given section. They are concise and easy to understand, so you can have a high-impact “mini study session” in as little as 5 minutes at a time, and you can get through the review notes in a few hours… which means you can get through them once in just a few days of reading them whenever you have 5 minutes. Repeat coverage of all the topics is how you beat the CPA exams, because consistently hitting all the topics over and over is how to actually remember it all. The review notes make the process easy and simple… all you have to do is use them consistently.

The Audio Notes

The audio notes follow the review notes, just in audio format. If you’ll simply listen to the audios whenever you’re commuting, this is an effortless way to add 1-2 hours of extra review a day to your study routine. The audios are also designed to be listened to from start to finish several times, and you can get through a section of the audios in just a few days worth of normal commuting (assuming 30 to 60+ minutes a day of commuting).

The Practice Questions

The SuperfastCPA practice questions are unique in that they are truly “on-the-go friendly”… we have used modified numbers for calculation-heavy questions so that you can do them on the go, in your head, without needing a calculator or scratch paper.

We’ve also started adding in “mini SIM” questions, so that within one mini quiz, you’re getting exposure to multiple-choice AND simulation-type content.

The questions are in mini-quiz format… which means 5 questions at a time, pulled from all topics from the section you’re studying. This again, is because the SFCPA study tools are aimed at giving you simple ways to get repeat-exposure to the key parts of all topics, over and over. If you want to dive deep on specific topics, that is a job for your review course.

The Study Hacks Course

This course is 10 videos that walk you through the SuperfastCPA approach to studying, so that you know exactly what to do when you sit down each day to study with your review course. So again, this course guides you through how to use your review course during your main study sessions each day. These accelerated study methods are exactly what I did to pass all 4 CPA exam sections in one 3-month period.

That being said, this course isn’t necessarily about passing as fast as possible… it’s more about giving you an exact study framework to follow, because again, so many candidates simply struggle to deal with the amount of information for each section and don’t have a systematic approach for sifting through the material.

What is the best way to use the SFCPA study tools?

If you have all 4 sections left to pass, then the Total Bundle will help you the most. You’ll have the Study Hacks course which will teach you exactly how to approach the study process: starting at the top with mindset, motivation, and discipline… all the way down to exactly how to structure your daily study sessions, how to do your final review, and test-day strategies.

When you purchase any of the study tools, you get access to the member’s area where you can take quizzes, watch the Study Hacks videos, and/or download the actual review note files or audio note files. You also get access to our companion apps for iPhone or Android. So once you have an account, your login will work on the apps as well, and the apps are definitely the easiest way to consume the review notes and audio notes, and the easiest way to take quizzes with the practice questions.

Again, the strategies contained in the Study Hacks course are meant to be applied to your main study sessions each day with your review course.

The “Ideal” Study Day

This involves two steps:

  1. You do your main study session with your review course in the morning before work. By following the strategies in the Study Hacks course, this session can be as short as two hours and you’ll still move through new material faster and more effectively than what you’re doing now.
  2. Through the rest of your day, you do the mini-sessions with the SuperfastCPA study tools: As you commute to work, listen to the audio notes in your car. Whenever you take a break at work, or would otherwise look at your phone, you slip in a few minutes of reading the review notes or take a mini quiz… you get the idea.


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