This is the video on how to use "mini sessions" to score higher and pass your exams faster from the Study Hacks course. You can watch it for free until Thursday night.

If you're ready to add the SFCPA study tools to your study routine, you can also save 40% with the links below until Thursday at midnight.

  • Yes! I’m ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the study process.

    I’m excited to take control of my CPA journey and pass these exams so I can get my life back… and move on to ‘bigger and better’ things in my career.

Here's What You're Getting When You Add the SuperfastCPA Products to Your Study Routine:

  • UNDERSTAND THE “BIG PICTURE” FAST: When you read the review notes or listen to the audio notes, you are getting an easy-to-understand overview of the most important concepts from each topic.

  • REPEAT READING & LISTENING = LONG-TERM RETENTION: Forgetting what you studied weeks ago is now just a bad memory as you get repeat-exposure to the concepts from reading the review notes and listening to the audios through the course of your regular day.

  • FEEL CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL INSTEAD OF LOST & OVERWHELMED: When you use the products throughout your day, you are getting repeat exposure and coverage of what you’re most likely to see on exam day. And when you apply the Study Hacks strategies to your main study sessions, the study process will be simpler and feel almost easy, because you now know exactly what to do each day.

    You might even start to enjoy the study process (more than you ever have before) because you’re understanding the material and moving through lessons easily.

    Don’t be surprised if your co-workers ask you what your secret is when you start passing section after section.

  • EASILY REVIEW ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: The companion apps for iPhone and Android allow you to have an effective study session anytime, anywhere. Take a quiz as you walk across the office… Read the notes while you wait for a meeting to start… Listen to the audios whenever you’re in your car…

    These “mini session” add up and will pay huge dividends over the course of your study timeline for each section.

  • GET THAT 4TH PASSING SCORE: This is what it’s all about… telling your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend it’s finally all over, making your co-workers jealous, and getting back to… WHATEVER YOU WANT in the evenings.

    Who are you going to tell first? Where are you going to eat that night to celebrate?

NOTE: This is all of course dependent on you actually using the products like they are intended, which means using them a lot. The CPA exams are difficult and require a lot of study time and dedication to pass. The SuperfastCPA products provide another avenue of fitting in quality study time, but if you aren't using them, they can't help you.

The Total Bundle

Every SuperfastCPA Product for All 4 Sections, AND the Study Hacks Course

If you have all 4 sections left, this is what will help you the most. You'll be able to read the review notes and take quizzes on the go, print out the notes and use them to get the "big picture" for every topic very quickly, and you'll be able to listen to the audio notes many times through whenever you're in your car. This also comes with the full Study Hacks course, which walks you through exactly how Nate studied to pass the 4 exams in 3 months.

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(save $494 vs purchasing separate items)

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Section Bundles

If You Want the Products for a Specific Section

NOTE: If you have all 4 sections left, keep in mind you save a lot more with the Total Bundle

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Individual Review Notes

FAR Notes

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REG Notes

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AUD Notes

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BEC Notes

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Individual Audio Notes

FAR Audios

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REG Audios

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AUD Audios

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BEC Audios

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The Study Hacks Course

Learn how to dominate the study process step-by-step. These videos walk you through exactly how I studied in 2 hours a day to pass all 4 sections while working full-time.

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Bonuses That Come With Every Bundle Purchase

Bonus #1: Mini-Quizzes for Desktop and on the Companion App

These questions are modified with simplified numbers so that you can still practice calculations and formulas on the go. You can do these questions in your head without needing a calculator or scratch paper.

Each section has roughly 300-400 practice questions*.

UPDATE: We have now added (and continue to add) "Mini-SIMs" questions so that within one quiz you're able to practice both MCQ and SIM-type content.

*If you purchase a section bundle, only that section's practice questions are included. All questions and mini-SIMs are included with the Total Bundle.

Bonus #2: How to Get and Stay Motivated Through the CPA Process

If you're more than a few months into the CPA study process, you're well aware how hard it can be to just sit down for your daily study session.

This guide provides an exercise and framework that will give you unlimited motivation, so you can sit down each day with a "fire under your a**" (so to speak).

Bonus #3: Productivity Hacks for CPA Study Sessions

If you spend the first 30 minutes to an hour of every study session cruising through your favorite time-waster websites (I know you too well)... then this guide will fix that for you. This gives you 10 specific steps from different angles to make each study session twice as productive.

Bonus #4: How to Get Promoted 'Superfast' in Accounting

I actually hope you're someone who doesn't need the advice in this guide, but reminders always help. This provides 8 strategies that top-performers and "partners' pets" all have in common... but without being a needy brown-noser.

Bonus #5: "Master the MCQs"

DID YOU KNOW: MCQs are the best way way to learn new material, by far the fastest way to learn new material, the best way to re-review material, and the best way overall to prepare for the simulations?

This strategy guide will walk you through how to dissect MCQs, how to use the MCQs as a tool for rapid learning and not just evaluation, and how to approach the MCQs (and indirectly the SIMs) on test day...

Bonus #6: "Master the SIMs"

If you've already taken a section, you know that the real simulations on test-day will be nastier, harder, and very different than most of what you've seen in your practice SIMs...

So, doing endless practice simulations is NOT the best way to prepare. This guide contains the best strategies to be fully prepared for your test-day SIMs.