Audio Notes/Follow-Along Notes Sample

Using the Audio Notes

This is a sample track of our follow-along notes, which are based on the audio notes, so it’s a sample of both. 

The audios are one of the most useful study tools, since you can be listening to them when you’re driving, walking the dog, or just around the house when you’re preparing meals or getting ready in the morning.

A little boring? Yeah.

But listening to the audios from start to finish over and over and over… will deeply solidify your understanding, comprehension, and retention of the material.

Using the Follow-Along Notes

We had so many people tell us how they would listen to the audios while reading the review notes, and how effective that was, and so we made a study tool that combines both.

You can of course use the follow-along notes in the app whenever it makes sense, but one simple way is to use them for 20-30 min very last thing while you’re in bed at night. We almost called them “bedtime notes” for that reason. 

Seeing the notes while hearing the audio at the same time “locks” your brain and it’s easier to focus and understand what’s being covered.

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