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FINISH Your CPA Exams in 2020 with SuperfastCPA...

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Add the SuperfastCPA tools to your study routine so that you start 2020 off on the right foot and maximize your odds of finishing your CPA once and for all.

5 Reasons SFCPA Will Help You Pass Your CPA Exams Faster...

Directly Helps You Overcome the 3 Big Challenges of the CPA Study Process

The 3 big "challenges" of the CPA study process are 1) Lack of Time, 2) Study Methods, and 3) Retention. Every candidate will struggle with one of these at some point, and many candidates struggle with all 3.  See the full explanation lower on this page...

High-Leverage Content That's Easy to Understand

The notes & audios are based on exam questions by topic, so that you know you're reviewing the most-tested parts of each topic that you'll actually see questions on... presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Dramatically Increase Your Understanding & Retention

Using the SFCPA study tools throughout your day on the app can help you add 100+ EXTRA hours of review per section, so that your understanding and retention of all topics is sky-high when you take each section.

No Calculator Required - Simplified Problems

The SFCPA notes, audios, and quizzes contain problem walkthroughs and practice problems with simple round numbers so that you can easily practice and understand the concepts & formulas in your head while on the go.

Unmatched Value - We're With You the Whole Way

Your purchase includes free future updates. There's no ongoing subscription, no renewal fees, and no time limits on your access. You purchase once and you'll have access to the current content as long as you need it.

The SuperfastCPA Guarantee

Use the products as described for a few weeks... if you don't feel like they've helped significantly, let us know and we'll refund your investment within 60 days.


"I'm now a CPA, and I pretty much have every bit of that thanks to SuperfastCPA. I purchased the study materials and it was worth every penny."


"I got the materials and I was skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised... and hey... I passed. I can say this, it was the best purchase for my CPA study dollar that I made."


"I'm an avid believer in SuperfastCPA... I took FAR 4 times before using SuperfastCPA, and then got the notes and passed it. Then I took REG and passed it the first time with an 85, and the notes were really the difference... you should definitely purchase them."


"I just passed FAR using the SuperfastCPA notes & audios. I was working about 80 hours a week on a tough project, so I would read & listen to the notes any spare chance I had... and I didn't think I was going to pass, but I did."

The 3 Big Challenges of the CPA Study Process

These 3 issues might sound obvious, but you need to have a specific way of dealing with each one, because they all affect the others for good or bad... 

For example: There are a lot of disciplined candidates out there that are putting in A LOT of time, but their study process itself isn't as effective as it could be, and they end up failing sections regardless of putting in a ton of study time.

Or... candidates who are effective studiers but can't fit in enough study time each week, so they end up being slightly under prepared on test day - which is a recipe for 73s and 74s.

The worst case scenario is when all 3 are happening at once: finding time to study is a struggle, and when you do sit down to study you feel lost and overwhelmed with the material... not even to mention trying to remember what you've already studied...

The 3 Big Challenges:

Time: Finding enough time to study each day

Does it seem like week after week slips by without fitting in very much quality study time? Does it feel impossible to stay on track with your study plan? If you're working full-time while trying to study, it is extremely difficult to find 4-5 hours a day to sit with your review course and have high-quality study sessions day in and day out.

Study Methods: Do you have an exact process when you sit down to study?

Everyone knows you're supposed to watch every lecture, read every chapter, and then go through all the problems for every lesson. So why are the pass rates barely 50% per section?

Retention: How do you remember everything you've studied by test day?

This is probably a familiar feeling: You've been studying for a few weeks, and you start to realize you've mostly forgotten the material you studied a few weeks ago. When you get to your "final review", it basically feels like you have 2 weeks to re-learn everything (which of course doesn't work)

On the other hand...

When you have your study process really dialed in, and you know exactly how to dissect each lesson quickly, you can spend less time studying each day than someone studying 4-5 hours the "normal way", AND you have built-in "re-review" as part of your daily process, so that you're constantly getting better at ALL the topics instead of slowly forgetting what you've already studied... 

The Ideal Study Day Using SuperfastCPA Tools & Strategies:

Step 1:

Do a 2-Hour Main Session in the Morning

You might hate the idea of waking up a little earlier, but this will change your life and put you on the fast track to finishing your CPA.

Here's how:

You take the study framework you'll learn in the Study Hacks videos, and you apply them to this study session with your main review course.

So instead of: watching every video lecture > reading every chapter > doing every practice question, etc... you'll be following the strategies you learn inside the Study Hacks course. This is all the time you spend with your review course on work days (weekdays). The weekends are also addressed in the videos, but on workdays, 2 hours is all you need for your main study session.

You will be covering material MUCH faster, understanding what you study MUCH better, and you lock in your study session before you leave the house... nothing can pop up and ruin it like it does when you save it for the end of your day.

Sidenote: Even though you're using your main review course for these main study sessions, a lot of SFCPA customers like to use the review notes to get a quick base understanding of whatever lesson they're working on that day, because the SFCPA notes are so easy to understand.

superfastcpa study hacks

Step 2:

Use "Mini-Sessions" with the SFCPA Study Tools Through the Rest of Your Day

This is the real power of the SFCPA study tools... you listen to the audio notes whenever you're in your car, while you're preparing meals, etc... The fact is, you memorize stuff you hear over and over. This is 1-2 hours of extra review each day doing something you already have to do anyways.

Second, whenever you're walking across the office, waiting in line somewhere, waiting for a meeting to start, etc... you pull out the app on your phone and read the review notes or take mini-quizzes.

The notes & quizzes are setup to give you a quick review of all topics... over and over and over. This makes a dramatic difference in your retention and understanding of the topics.

Simply replace some of your social media scrolling time with CPA review with the SuperfastCPA notes & quizzes, and within a few days of doing this you will notice a stark difference in how well you're understanding the material.

Making this a habit throughout your day can add another 1-2 hours of high-quality review time, and by the time you're done with work you've put in 4-6 hours of studying, and you have your evenings free to do whatever you want.

The "Best Part" and the Payoff...

There are many benefits to this approach:

Take Your CPA Study to the Next Level Today...

The SuperfastCPA Guarantee

Use the products as described for a few weeks... if you don't feel like they've helped significantly, let us know and we'll refund your investment within 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bundle should I choose? What CPA section should I start with?

If you have all 4 sections left, the Total Bundle is by far the best value. Then you'll have the notes, the audio notes, and the mini-quizzes for all 4 sections, and all future versions are included for FREE, and your access lasts until you pass, no questions asked.

It also includes the Study Hacks videos.

As far as what section to start with, you want to start with one of the two hardest sections which are FAR and REG. Some advice out there says to start with an easier section to get a quick "win", but the 18 months starts as soon as you pass your first section, so you want one of the two beasts out of the way. 

The other reason is, if you've figured out how to pass FAR, hypothetically the other 3 will be easier than FAR. Ideally you'd do FAR, then REG, and then BEC/AUD last (either order on BEC/AUD).

Is this everything I need to pass the CPA exams?

The SuperfastCPA products are supplemental. 

The main idea is you'd still do a main study session each day with your review course... Gleim, Becker, whatever it is. But... you'd follow the study strategies you'll learn in the Study Hacks videos... those contain accelerated study strategies that help you focus on the most high-leverage ways of learning the most relevant information. And again, you take the strategies and apply them to your main study session with your main review course.

Then, you'd use our products to keep studying/reviewing through the rest of your day:

1) listen to our audios whenever you're in your car
2) read the notes on the app whenever you have 5 minutes all through your day (whenever you'd normally scroll through social media - waiting in line, walking across the office, on your lunch break, etc)

If you do this daily, you're adding an extra 1-2 hours or more of additional review, which can equal 100+ extra hours of studying by the time you take your test. 100 extra hours will add 10-20 points at least compared to just doing the one main session a day. 

Note on review courses: If you don't have one yet, we highly recommend CPAexcel as they are the only "big name" review course that lets you keep access until you pass with no questions asked and no hassle.

What are the "Study Hacks" Videos?

The Study Hacks videos teach you one cohesive study process that you apply to your main daily study sessions with your review course. So whether that's Becker, Roger, Wiley... etc, you would apply the Study Hacks strategies when you study with your main review course. This is the exact study methodology that Nate, the founder of SuperfastCPA, used to pass all 4 sections in 3 months while working full-time in public accounting.

These videos will teach you how to have a 2-hour main session each day, but you'll be getting through more material than someone studying 4-5 hours a day the "normal way" (i.e. watching every video lecture, reading every chapter, etc).

This process teaches you how to quickly figure out what the most-tested parts of each topic will be, how to quickly get a base understanding, and then how to build "re-review" into your daily routine so that you're always spending some time hitting the topics you've already studied over and over... so that by the time you get to your exam your understanding and retention is at an all-time high instead of slowly forgetting the stuff you studied in the beginning.

Does this actually work?

There are a few reasons why the SFCPA products and strategies work so well at helping candidates pass and improve their scores. Let's start with the basics: The formula for success on the CPA exams is that you need enough quality study time to learn the material well enough to get a passing score.

It's not just a function of study time. There are a lot of people who have put a year of more into these exams without passing a section, let alone all 4. Not all study methods are equally effective, and most candidates spend 80%of their study time in the least-effective forms of study. On the other hand, most people would get completely different results simply by spending 80% of their study time on the most effective forms of studying, and that is exactly what you'll learn in the Study Hacks videos. The time you do spend studying needs to be effective, and that's exactly what the Study Hacks videos will teach you.

Then there's the "time" factor. Most people figure out pretty quickly that it's almost impossible to fit in quality study time each day, especially if you're working full-time. The SFCPA study tools make it very easy and effective to add in a lot of extra study time, just by going through your normal day.

(this is assuming you still do a main study session each day, which ideally you'd do in the morning before work that lasts 90-120 minutes)

For example, listen to the audio notes on your drive to work, whenever you're preparing meals, getting ready for the day, etc. That's 1-2 hours already. Then, whenever you'd normally pull out your phone and look at social media or other time wasters, just read the review notes or take a few quizzes. If you do that consistently that's another 1-2 hours of study time, and it's very high impact study time as well. Then on your way home from work, listen to the audios some more... you can see this adds 3,4, or 5+ extra hours each day before you even get home from work. Over the course of an 6-8 week study plan, that's 100+ hours of extra study time, and that kind of exposure obviously leads to increased understanding & retention, and increased test scores.

How should I add the SuperfastCPA products into my current routine?

The first thing you'll want to do after purchasing is watch the Study Hacks videos from start to finish. That will give you a crystal clear understanding of how to structure your main study sessions, mini sessions, and "final review" studying.

The basic format is 1) you'll do a 2 hour main study session each weekday with your review course, but following the methods you'll learn in the Study Hacks videos. Then you'll do a longer session, 4-5 hours, on Saturdays and Sundays.

2) Through the rest of your day you'll use the SuperfastCPA study tools as much as possible, what we call "mini-sessions", for re-review, retention, and getting a base understanding of new topics.

Following this format consistently will give you much better results than by trying to do one 4-5 hour session all at once each day.

What happens after I order?

After you checkout, you'll receive an email with your login details. Your login will work on the main site, and that same login info will work on the companion app, either on iPhone or Android.

The SuperfastCPA products are all digital, so nothing physical will be sent.

So, you'll get immediate access to your purchase, and again the best thing to do first is to watch the Study Hacks videos once you login.

What Real CPA Candidates Say About SuperfastCPA...

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

SuperfastCPA reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews

superfastcpa reviews


I'm writing to tell you that I passed and am done with my cpa exam journey. I've made it just in time before my first sat and passed FAR credit was expired. After I failed REG and BEC back to back in 4th quarter 2018, I didn't wanna continue studying. 

I thought I did what I could to prepare, but apparently it wasn't enough. 6 months passed before I realized August 14 was fast approaching which first sat&passed FAR credit would be lost, so I had to make a decision whether to let my FAR credit expired or not. That's when your email came in to introduce me how to study differently and more efficiently with less stress. 

I tried your suggestions, and as you can see it worked. SFCPA note for REG was so helpful with mini mcqs that I reviewed them every time I had a chance. After reading the notes for the third time, I knew that I was going somewhere and started to understand the materials much better than second time. 

So I continued to read your notes and do MCQs from my review course as much as I could. In 6weeks I passed REG with my highest score and more importantly I gained a lot more confidence so I continued to study and passed BEC within a month. I am so grateful and want to express my sincere appreciation for your message.


As a working father, I had very limited time to study for the CPA exam. The amount of material aon the FAR exam specifically was completely overwhelming. The SuperfastCPA FAR review notes helped consolidate all of this information and gave me a baseline to which to attack this exam... which I passed on the first attempt!

-Jeremy, Chicago

Hi Nate-

I just wanted to say thank you! Today I passed BEC, and it was after trying it twice without your products. I bought your notes and audio notes both. I followed your training and videos seriously and literally. What is important is that I knew just after a few days of your methodology that this time I was going to pass... and I passed it.

Once again, please accept my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for your invaluable help in passing my CPA exams.


Before SuperfastCPA, I tried studying using the normal review course format, but I would only remember the lectures long enough to pass the review questions for each section and then struggled on the final review before the exam. Needless to say I bombed my first exam.

With SuperfastCPA, not only was I able to pass FAR but I was also able to retake and pass Audit just 3 weeks later. I love the audio notes! They are a great way to review the material anywhere and really drill in the key concepts. The 2-day final cram session is a must for getting in as much information as possible.

Thanks for all your help SuperfastCPA!!

-Jenny S.

Hi Nate,

I’m full time working and passed both FAR and REG I’m the same quarter last week.

 I used the SuperfastCPA app daily when I was riding the subway and on my lunch break - the 5 minutes here and there helped me understand the materials so much more effectively and the review course software sometimes is overwhelming and you don’t have a big picture at first but the notes are so structured and cover the most important details. The MCQ quizzes always keep your mind on how to utilize the knowledge in the question format. 

Thanks to Superfast CPA, I’m able to utilize my break time to study extra 2 hours daily.


Michael J.

I started studying CPA exams a year ago when I was 32, I was out of school for 7 years, and never worked a day in public accounting, I began studied the traditional way, watching tons of videos lectures and follow my main study course, and I ended up with a 52 on FAR, after I took it, I found SuperfastCPA and decided to give it a try, I watched the study heck videos and it changed my CPA journal forever! 

I completed shift my traditional way of studying to the SFCPA way, and I improved 20 points on my second try with FAR with 72, and third try with 82. I just finished all my exams last week! 

Hey, if anyone is feeling CPA exams seems impossible to concur and thinking about giving it up, DON’T, I was there a year ago, until I took a leap of faith and tried SFCPA. 

As Nate said, the strategy of studying is the most important of passing these exams! I just want to thank Nate and SFCPA, you saved my career!




I have to thank you for your products and strategies. I passed all my sections! I passed in the last window and in my last opportunity to pass. I'm done - thank you again!

-Eduardo M.


I forgot to tell you I passed my last section last month. I used the SuperfastCPA products and strategies and it gave me the motivation to keep going. I passed in 8 months, which is pretty good because in the beginning I only planned on passing 2 sections this year. Now I'm all done! I'm happy to join the proud ranks of CPAs with you and others.

Thanks again!


Hi Nate,

Just writing to you with my sincere gratitude for your tips and advices that helped me to pass REG and BEC, two last exams I had when I decided to try the SuperfastCPA products. 

It really did help me a lot to become more efficient in my study and boosted my scores! I got 94 for REG and 95 for BEC when I used your study strategy and advices! I shifted my focus from highlighting every word in the book to MCQs, making personal notes and my personal flash cards on Quizlet. 

And I feel it really helped me to retain the material better and feel more confident on the exam day. I also listened to the audio notes as often as I could (mainly while cooking for a family or doing laundry) and practiced 5 min quizzes while waiting on the line in the grocery store.

Thank you again for presenting overwhelming CPA exam material in a very concise and clear form that makes the exam look much more doable and less scary! And thank you for sharing your valuable tips and the best approach to study! It does really work and I am sure will help many more people in the future.

All the best,


Natalia S.

Hi Nate,

I just wanted to share you great news. I passed REG with a 95. This is my first CPA exam and first attempt. I adopted your study materials and study tips when I prepared the exam. They definitely helped me a lot.

I wanted to shout a big thank-you. I am staying strong and hoping I will pass the other three exams soon.


Take Your CPA Study to the Next Level Today...

The SuperfastCPA Guarantee

Use the products as described for a few weeks... if you don't feel like they've helped significantly, let us know and we'll refund your investment within 60 days.

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