Which Review Course Should You Use?

As you know, SuperfastCPA is not a full review course. Our products are best used as supplements along with whatever review course you’re using.

Our products are designed specifically to give you easy-to-use and easy-to-consume study supplements for on-the-go, with the main idea being that you use them from your phone all throughout your day, every time you have a few minutes. This gives you a huge edge and will make a huge difference over the days and weeks during your study process

But… if you’re just starting, you need to pick a review course as well.

In my opinion, there is one gigantic factor that is more important above all else, and that is:

Your review course should let you keep access until you pass!

I know… ideally you’ll pass way faster than the standard 18 months.

But as we learned from Forrest Gump, “sh*t happens”, and sometimes life gets in the way and the 18 months gets away from you.

I’ve met many CPA candidates that this has happened to, and your only option at that point is to spend more money on another review course.

Even if your firm will pay for Becker – I would recommend that you ask if you can instead choose one of the choices below – because even if your firm buys you Becker, if you don’t pass in the 18 months, you might 1) have to pay your firm back AND now have to buy another course on your own or 2) even if your firm eats the cost, you still have to now buy a new review course to use

So which review courses offer the “access-until-you-pass?”

Here they are:

Wiley CPAexcel

Best Interface, Layout, & Usability
  • Offers no-questions-asked unlimited access
  • Great content layout & usability
  • Short video lectures
My Fave

Roger CPA

Best Video Lectures, Comprehensive
  • Offers monthly payments
  • Roger's high-energy lectures
  • Very comprehensive course

Surgent CPA

Lowest Price w/Unlimited Access
  • Offers monthly payments
  • Lowest overall price
  • Offers unlimited access

Whichever one you pick, every major review course will have the info you need to pass.

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