TCP Quick Quiz

SFCPA helps you make ongoing, repeat review fast, simple, and easy. Your main study sessions in your review course is where you focus on specific topics and get “full strength” questions.

You should view SFCPA quizzes as a learning tool, and review tool: If a question is something you haven’t fully studied yet, you’re getting an easy-to-understand introduction/head start. If it’s something you have studied, then it’s re-review.

The biggest thing is: trust the process and use them as described for several weeks, and the benefits will become clear.

While practicing full simulations is important, that’s best left to your review course (refer to the SIM strategies/walkthrough video in the PRO course).

These quizzes do have simulation content mixed in, just simplified down into MCQ format, so that when you take our quizzes, you are learning and practicing concepts & calculations, that are both easy to do and understand, that will help you improve on both the MCQs and the SIMs.

Again I would say trust the process as described, which is to basically use the study tools in addition to your main sessions as much as possible, whether here or in the app. If you’re getting in a cumulative 2-3hrs a day with the SFCPA study tools, after a few weeks you will feel on top and in control of the material.

There is nothing that will help you more than repeat exposure to all topics, over and over and over and over… which is made simple, easy, and convenient with our study tools.

When you hit topics randomly AND repeatedly, you make better connections, your retention & comprehension improves dramatically, and you gain a deep-level understanding of the topics, vs relying on bare-bones memorization on test day.

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