How SuperfastCPA WILL Help You Pass Your CPA Exams...

A Routine That Fits Into Your Day, AND Gives You Your Evenings Back

  1. When you follow the PRO course study framework, you only need to find 2 hours on weekdays to sit in front of your review course… instead of 4 or 5 hours.
  2. Because of this, it’s obviously much easier to be consistent and fit in your session each day, with much less of a “dread factor” than a 4-5 hour session.
  3. The PRO videos will also teach you EXACTLY what to do in these 2 hours, in addition to EXACTLY how to study on the weekends, so that your entire process is optimized and is constantly providing feedback so that you know EXACTLY where you stand in relation to the material.
  4. The rest of your studying is done on your phone, simply as you go through your normal day.
  5. So by the time you get done with work, you’ve put in 3, 4, or maybe even 5+ high quality hours of study, again… WITHOUT having had to sit in front of your review course for 5 hours.
  6. This gives you your evenings back to do whatever you want to do… the stuff you’d normally do, so that you don’t go crazy during this process.
  7. If you’ve heard any of our podcast interviews, then you’ve heard customer after customer describe their study process becoming “simple” – almost to the point of them wondering if they were doing something wrong – yet they keep getting passing scores…

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Simplify the Study Process, AND the Material

  1. The PRO course teaches you how to “dissect” lessons quickly and effectively, so that you can go straight to the most testable parts of each lesson, and in the same context and format that you’ll see on test day… using your current review course.
  2. Start each study session by reading the corresponding topic in the SuperfastCPA review notes so that you get a quick “big picture” understanding of the topic, which makes going deeper in your review course much easier.
  3. Our review notes & audios are based on exam questions by topic, so that when you read the notes or listen to the audios, you are constantly refreshing the most-tested parts of each topic, in the same wording & context that you’ll see them on test day.
  4. The SuperfastCPA quizzes use simplified numbers so that you can easily cruise through questions in your head on-the-go, without needing to use a calculator. This lets you practice questions in bite-sized chunks, in all the “nooks & crannies” of your day.
  5. Our quizzes also include “mini SIMs”, which are simulation-content in the form of MCQs, so that you’re getting practice on both MCQS and SIMs, in the convenience and ease of the multiple-choice format on the app.

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Daily, Consistent Re-Review Made Easy

  1. The biggest problem with the traditional approach to CPA study is that you go through each lesson one by one, and you don’t look back at anything until your final review… and by then it’s too late… you’ve forgotten huge portions of everything you spent so much time learning.
  2. Adding “re-review”, meaning constantly re-hitting ALL topics, to your daily routine will be an absolute game-changer. When you consistently re-review throughout your day with the SuperfastCPA study tools, in addition to an effective main study session, it’s literally hard to fail.
  3. The companion app is extremely simple and easy to use… in literally 2-3 taps you’re either taking a quiz, reading the review notes, or listening to an audio track. It was specifically made for the “5-minute study session”, and you won’t appreciate the power of studying in small chunks throughout your day until you try it yourself.
  4. The PRO course also teaches you how to do a “daily review testlet” to end each main study session. This alone is also a “game-changer” and has single-handedly turned around many of our customers’ CPA journeys.

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The Power of "Studying to Pass", vs "Trying to Learn it All"

  1. Although the idea of “studying to pass” sounds very obvious… it is NOT even close to how most candidates actually spend their study time.
  2. When you spend 80% of your study time doing what you’ll be doing on test day, instead of constantly goofing around with video lectures, you start to make rapid progress… with a lot less time sitting in front of your review course.
  3. When you follow the PRO framework, you will quickly get a sense of momentum, which will help push you along each day, instead of feeling like you’re starting from scratch every single day.
  4. The format of your daily 2-hour session following the PRO framework solves all kinds of problems in advance… time management, confusion, overwhelm, exam anxiety, and more.
  5. Again, if you’ve read any of the many, many reviews all over our site, or listened to any of our podcast interviews with past customers, then you’ve heard person after person describe how much easier our tools and strategies made their study process… so that you can get your exams over in as little time and with the least hassle as possible. 

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