SuperfastCPA Feb 2021 "Productivity Giveaway"...

Win one of 3 "productivity bundles" of Nate's favorite productivity items to supercharge your

What's the Idea of this Giveaway?

This giveaway is based on the idea of making your daily study sessions a “ritual” that you do every single day. Ideally you would have a high-powered, 2-hour study session every morning, following the SuperfastCPA study strategies (which you can get a free overview of here…).

The products in each “productivity bundle” are items Nate used specifically in his own study process, and to be more productive on a daily basis.

The giveaway will be open until January 31st, and then on Feb 1st we’ll choose the 3 winners.

There Will Be 3 Winners...

  1. One random drawing. Simply by entering, you have a chance to win one of the bundles.
  2. If someone you referred wins the random drawing, YOU will also win a bundle
  3. The person with the most “points” – once you enter, there are optional things you can do to earn additional entries, such as refer other CPA candidates to the giveaway, leave a review for our podcast, etc

How to Enter the Giveaway...

Step 1: Listen to this Full Podcast Episode That Explains It

Step 2: Enter the Giveaway Here:

Here are the items in the "productivity bundle", and how they'll benefit your study process...

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

Having these will make listening to the audio notes much easier and much more convenient.
Whenever you're lounging around the house, preparing meals, working out, now you can listen to the audios no matter what else is going on.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you're not a fan of cold brew coffee, you will be after making some of your own. You can also use this for fruit-infused water. The idea here is to prepare a drink that you can sip during your study session each morning.

60 Minute Hourglass

This is a physical representation of a 60-minute, completely uninterrupted study block. When you do your 2-hour morning session, separate them into two, 60-minute blocks. Take a 5 minute break in between, but once you start the hourglass, don't allow any interruptions whatsoever.

Big Desk Calculator

For some reason it's just 10x faster to reach down and use a real calculator than to use the calculator on your phone or computer. Keep this handy as you study to quickly do calculations so that you move through material faster.... you'll also end up using this calculator all the time long after you've passed your exams.

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